Convert a Shutter into a Birdhouse

The farmhouse vibe is written all over this beautiful DIY birdhouse. An old shutter was utilized to build the external walls of this birdhouse, and a vintage glass knob was used as a perch.

Add a Green Roof to a Birdhouse

According to one of the top architecture firms in Gurgaon, birdhouses with live roofs or green roofs are quite popular and reasonably easy to construct. To create a cavity in an existing birdhouse, add trim around the roof line. Plant vegetation with shallow root systems from there.

Put Your Birdhouse on a Pedestal

These birdhouse layouts could help if your yard is lacking in trees. The lesson demonstrates how to rapidly construct a pedestal for a pre-made birdhouse, but the pedestal may be used with any of the birdhouses featured in this collection.

Turn a Birdhouse Into a Stone Castle

This birdhouse project is time-consuming, but it’s also a lot of fun. The article will demonstrate how to glue several types of stones to your birdhouse without them slipping off, as well as a few alternative styles you can try to replicate.

Add a Birdhouse Beneath a Planter

This is the project for you if you want to try something different with your birdhouse. Is this birdhouse, however, functional? Because this is also a bird feeder, birds may congregate there to eat, but don’t be surprised if they choose not to build a nest so near to the ground.

Go Back to Basics With This Birdhouse Design

This is the instruction for you if you want to create a birdhouse for little or no money. These basic wooden birdhouses are said to cost roughly very low to manufacture. The only aspect of this birdhouse layout that you will have to pay extra for is how to attach the birdhouse to a tree or pedestal.

Get Quirky With Your Bird House Designs

These birdhouses may take a little longer to build than some of the other birdhouse plans on our list, but the return is well worth the effort. If you want to install several birdhouses on a single fence, use the same materials for each one but vary the design slightly.

Decoupage a Birdhouse for a Decor Piece

According to the best interior designers in Gurgaon, if you live in an apartment and don’t have the space to build a birdhouse, this is an excellent project to take on. Birdhouses look fantastic on bookshelves, in nurseries, or anywhere else you want to put them. If you want to use this birdhouse outside, make sure to apply a transparent acrylic sealer to cover the paper.

Make Your Own Birdhouse Using No Nails

No nails are required for this birdhouse! In reality, no glue is required! Instead, Scotch Extreme Mounting Tape and Fasteners are used to hold everything together, cutting the construction time in half. Try to get some old, rusted hardware for the perch to give it a more rustic vibe.

Make a Birdhouse Mansion With Plywood

This ancient colonial style birdhouse is easier to make than you might think. The trick to achieving this look is to keep the white paint looking aged and to add character to the roof with cedar shake shingles.

Customize a Pre-made Birdhouse With Pennies

There are plenty of innovative ways to make a birdhouse more personalized if you enjoy crafts but aren’t into woodworking hobbies. Purchase a ready-made birdhouse from a craft store or construct one from a simple kit. Then, using your preferred home color, paint it. Then, as the roof, collect a bunch of pennies and glue them on. To prevent the roof from falling off, use the proper glue.