Are you struggling with the confusion between a dedicated server and VPS Hosting? Both VPS and Dedicated Server give you their resources, unlike shared hosting. However, they are different in different price points and the solutions that you need to choose the best for you. You must be sure to choose the perfect solution for your needs. Here we will make a comparison between dedicated server and VPS Hosting in detail to guide you to explain the key approaches to pick the right one for you as per your needs and budget.

Difference Between Dedicated & VPS Hosting

Before comparing these two, first, we should define them.

What Is a VPS Hosting Server?

VPS server is to share the server’s provided resources with the other companies. However, your site will get the dedicated server resources unlike the shared hosting in its share of the server. For instance, if your server is built with 8GB RAM capacity, you will get 1 GB of 8 GB Ram. The significant thing is, although, you never need to part 1 GB RAM with anyone else. It is 100 yours. To share these resources, VPS Server Hosting companies use something which is called Hypervisor to intend a virtual machine for their customers on each server. Hence, it is not very essential to understand each account that is set on VPS as it is completely isolated from the other companies’ accounts.

What Is Dedicated Server Hosting?

As suggested by its name, Dedicated Server Hosting means the entire physical server which is dedicated to your websites. Instead of renting a part of one server as you do with the VPS Server Hosting, you will get the complete server. Additionally, you will get more resources and full control over the physical hardware which is built inside of your server as well as the software that runs with it. You can control everything on the physical hardware & software.

Is It Time for Upgrading Your Web Hosting Plans?

One thing which is considered while you choose the upgrading type of hosting plan is the type of hosting that you are presently using. Still, are you working with the shared hosting plans? If it is so, it is probably time to rethink your hosting plans. You should change to VPS Hosting Plans or a dedicated server hosting India. Here, in this article, we will explain both VPS Hosting India and dedicated server India to cover the major differences and similarities so that you can be sure about choosing the best option to upgrade your hosting plans.

How Do Dedicated Servers Compare to VPS Hosting?

There can be some similarities between the two dedicated servers and VPS India, but both offer you enhanced control over your server and different hosting environments. We regard the software which is installed that you need when it comes to the hardware you purchase. This analogy is very simple when you think about VPS Hosting Plans that offer you an option to try over the most exceptional hosting plans or a dedicated server, without overwhelming the extra cost.


There is no surprise if you choose VPS Hosting Plans provided by cheap vps servers rather than dedicated servers. While putting multiple customers on a single server, the hosting provider can charge you the less amount to its customer. A Cheap VPS Hosting can save you a couple of dollars in a month. Similarly, a cheap dedicated server might be set with no extra cost but you should choose the best. The best option is to choose cheap Dedicated server hosting plans in a cheap Dedicated server price india where you can get all required resources along with a dedicated server at a simple cost.

Managed Vs Unmanaged

One thing that hasn’t been covered in the descriptions of VPS Hosting Plans and the dedicated server above is the work area where you need to put the configuration and setup to configure, manage, and maintain the web hosting environment. With unmanaged plans, you are majorly responsible for everything related to software. In the case of VPS Hosting Plans, the provider will establish a virtual machine but will leave everything on you. Conversely, if the plans are fully managed, the web host will take the complete responsibility to take care of everything on the software. You just need to decide upon what you want or need and the staff is completely answerable to all the web hosting solutions to get you everything like installation, configuration, and maintenance.

Operating System

One of the perquisites of upgrading to the best Dedicated server hosting is full control over the software installed. The major decision you have to take is the operating system which is installed. Hence, you have two choices: Windows or Linux, options are common.


We have explained everything about best dedicated server and best vps server on their flexibility and virtual performance, but there is one reason ahead to choose the best one if security is offered by these two. Shortly, hosting a website in its own criteria means that you don’t have any issues with security. For example, if you are hosting your website with shared hosting, it means your adjacent companies are the beneficiaries of distributed services that are certainly restricted. Well, there are some chances of being attacked as well. With best vps hosting india or a cheap dedicated server india both are physically islandded into themselves. The Best VPS Hosting plans and dedicated hosting plans come with a strong dedicated IP address. It makes them less likely to host your website if misidentified with another website. It offers the all benefits of email marketing. It will also offer robust security options for some payment handling websites as well if you have launched an eCommerce website.

Customer or Technical Support

We must thank the higher cost of both VPS & dedicated server plans, as it comes with receiving the best customer services along with the high-end technical support. The specifications vary between the two hosts in premium customer support services.