Mobile application-based marketing is always hit among people. Especially now, where people aren’t leaving mobile phones for just a second. New strategies are coming and going, new technology is coming and going, but the ever asked question by a business person is, “is my strategy relevant now”. Marketing through mobile always seemed too complex and expensive.

Is there any powerful strategy that is continuously growing even with shifting marketing dynamics? Yes, it’s no one other than SMS marketing.

What is a repeat purchase?

We hear this a lot in marketing, but do you know the real meaning of repeat purchases? Repeat purchases are not something that you think of consumers buying more items from the store. Repeat purchases mean purchasing a service or item which is bought before. This is a good sign for business, as it develops loyalty between brand and customer. If you retain loyalty, then you can make sure to see a good future in the market.

As per the Pareto principle, most of the profits come from 20% of the consumers. That means even if you have several loyal consumers you can also expect a good way to make a profit.

How does SMS marketing help with post purchases?

We all know how much SMS marketing needs consumer relationships as you need the consumer’s mobile number for testing them. Rather than emails, SMS can easily get customer attention. Do you know that more than 90% of the SMS opens within three minutes?

Although SMS marketing services might be underused to channel, they are sharp, short, and provoke people to take action. Text reminder is a great marketing strategy that prompts 20% of the people to finish the order. Here are a few SMS marketing strategies you need to follow for repeat purchases.

SMS Marketing Strategies

1. Flash Sale SMS

Flash sale messages are a very normal and effective tactic to play to the audience’s attention. Using this strategy, you can increase the transaction rates by bringing a 35% increase, impacting enticing consumers to produce sales.


“Hey, Sam! FLASH SALE ends before midnight today. Get a 10% off on any products. Hurry up! [Add link]

2. New products deals

If you have the products launching soon, plan some hot deals on new products that maximize the exposure and steer quick responses. As per the survey over, 56% of the people said they have to talk about new products launched through their friends or family. So, if you can do something about it through SMS, that can open a good opportunity to broaden your reach.


Hey, Justin. Great news for you. A new strawberry protein shake will be launched to make your muscles strong in a delicious way. Be the first one to buy it at 15% and review it. ”

3.’Back in Stock’ SMS

‘Back in stock’ SMS have great numbers in attracting people. These SMS are the best way to keep your people interested in the business. Often, brands like to lose targeted people when they don’t get any update regarding reloading the stocks.

Being in a business where stock-outs can create a terrible reputation within people, ensure consumers are well informed about the product availability by delivering

easy ‘back in stock’ SMS, that can improve the transaction and engagement rates

4. Loyalty program

If your customers purchased from you, then can you interact with them for purchases in the future? The best way for doing this can be by offering membership or the VIP program that awards loyalty.

Many businesses struggle to bring consumers back in the store because customers view every business as the same. To provoke people to buy with them again, send credit vouchers to the 50-100 consumers for redeeming them in the store.

5. Follow-up

Follow-ups are really important to show how you care about the consumers who bought something from you. By using Follow-up SMS you could develop long-term relationships that mean more repeat purchases. People are looking for quality brands that help and take care of them. For example, have you ever ignored any text reminders or SMS updates that went in a most friendly manner?

Utilize your consumer data for finding the average time it takes for consumers to reorder your product. And set your SMS reminders and remind them to order the same thing again with a link to your website or shop. Here is an example of a follow-up reminder to enhance repeat purchases.


“Hi Sam, this is a friendly reminder to remind you about your yearly check. Type 1 to YES or 2 to NO”

6. Thank You messages

Have you remembered the quote that says, “First impression is always the best impression “it is true. SMS campaigns normally begin within a thank you message after people opt into your services. You can also send the Thank you message after consumers purchase from you.

Try to access the order to process and transactional SMS to activate before you deliver it. Sending a thank you post-purchase SMS is good enough to build loyalty. Add a link to the extra products or your social media accounts.

Whether it’s post-purchase or repeat purchase, SMS marketing is really helpful. Contact Guni SMS today to know more about how you can use SMS in your marketing strategy.