Video chat has become the new form of communication. While audio and messaging still remains popular, for virtual communications, videos are capturing multiple attention. With the pandemic present, all forms of communications whether personal or professional has led to the rise of video calls.

Video calling is growing popular because it is a convenient way to engage with anyone virtually and since we have to work indoors for quite some time, creating a video API would be a feasible option.

Did you know that video conferencing can benefit your engagements better? For instance, say that you have a great social media app where you make engagements easy for your users. Now imagine having a video conferencing solution in it? Wouldn’t it add better value to your user engagement?

We believe that you require a video conferencing API because the benefits it holds can impact all your engagement sessions.

To help you understand this topic better, this blog will be your guide.

Table of Contents:

  1. Meaning Of APIs
  2. Why Do Video Conferencing APIs Matter In 2021?
  3. How Do Video Conferences Benefit Your App Engagements?
  4. Why Investing In A Video Conferencing API Is A Wise Decision In 2021?
  5. Powerful Features To Look For In An API Provider
  6. Conclusion

Meaning Of APIs

Have you wondered how you get instant information?

From finding the cheapest tickets to booking the best hotel amongst the lot, have you wondered how do you get all the necessary information in one single click?

Well, meet the background expert in this, API (Application Programming Interface).

APIs are the hidden heroes who ensure that they convert all your requests into satisfying answers.

For instance, you head to a popular traveling website to check the cheapest tickets to travel to Bali. The request is accepted by the API who in turn requests the third-party servers to share the relevant information. Once the information is collected by the API, the same is shown to you. While this seems like a long process, the action takes just seconds.

So how can video conferencing APIs benefit you?

Why Do Video Conferencing APIs Matter In 2021?

Ever since the pandemic hit, the rise in video engagements has risen since each one of us is living indoors. Video calling became a major communication platform used to engage with a loved one and especially to run a business despite the pandemic surrounding us.

Businesses as well have started to make use of video calls to engage with their customers in multiple ways such as having a session, conducting meetings, and much more. Businesses realised that to sustain their journey amongst the tough competition, they need to change the way their businesses performed. One change was the way they communicated.

Instead of having to create a video conferencing app from scratch which would be time-consuming and exhausting, creating a video conferencing via communication API is the feasible option here. Your focus needs to be on beating the competition and doing well from your business front.

Video conferencing is a communication channel wherein users can engage with each other virtually. Hence if you have an app to cater to your users, blending a video conferencing option will enhance your app engagements better.

For instance, if you have an app that helps users find and engage with therapists, you could create a video conferencing option so that engagements with the two parties are more personal and better.

But do you think video conferencing matters in 2021?

How do video conferences benefit your app engagements?

Video is one form of communication that is guaranteed to garner multiple attention. The use of colours, short sentences, and images all work well to capture the attention of multiple users.

Videos were always popular but now they have become more in demand because they make engagements an easy breeze. From connecting virtually in seconds, videos have proved to be a great way to engage with any users anywhere. Hence with the creation of video conferencing, app owners can enhance the way they engage with their users.

Another example is say that you have an app that lets patients and doctors engage with each other while being at home. While phone calls and messages are great options, having a video conferencing option boosts better engagement, adds a personal touch, and allows patients and doctors to build a trustful bond when seeing each other.

But as stated earlier, creating a video conferencing solution from scratch isn’t an easy job. The effort and time consumed to build one can keep you far behind your fellow competitors.

This is exactly why investing in a video conferencing API matters.

Why Investing In A Video Conferencing API Is A Wise Decision In 2021?

As stated earlier, APIs work behind the scenes to ensure your request is being reverted with the right answer. We all live in an environment where new competitors are entering the market at a faster speed.

Hence in order to remain on top of your competitors, you need to be quick in your actions. Thus in such a time creating a video conferencing tool from scratch isn’t a feasible option.

There are many well-established communication APIs available in the market, for instance with Contus MirrorFly, they help you build HQ live video calling experiences with their video call API and SDK.

Apart from this they also ensure this process is done seamlessly by offering multiple dedicated video features such as low latency, high scalability, 100% customizable solution, and much more.

We all know that video is here to stay and its current demand will only increase with time.

Hence when making the decision to invest in a good video conferencing API, all the requirements need to be met.

5 Powerful Features To Look For In An API Provider

As stated earlier, there are multiple video conferencing API providers available in the market.

But you need to only invest in those that meet the below criteria:

  • Easy To Use

The number one factor you need to see when investing in any video conferencing API provider is how easy it is to get started with. Using video conferencing shouldn’t be a hassle. There should be tutorials and documents provided to help anyone get started.

Ensure that the video conferencing API provider is easy to install and you can get started immediately.

  • Reliable API provider

Another factor that you need to keep in mind when investing in a video conferencing API provider is quality and security. You don’t want to have a low-quality video experience with your users. Ensure that your video conferencing API provider doesn’t compromise the quality of the video for any reason.

Security is another powerful reason to see when investing in an API provider.

It is better to look out for security features such as an end to end encryption to safeguard the complete privacy of the users during the video conferencing session.

  • Flexible

Another factor to keep in mind when investing in a video conferencing API provider is the flexibility option it provides. No one likes to have multiple add ons or features in one frame.

Hence it is better to choose an API provider that lets you customize your video conferencing solution as per your requirements.

  • Highly scalable

It is important that your API provider is able to scale based on the needs of its users.

Don’t settle for an API provider that won’t grow over time. It is not advisable to change API providers as it makes the process difficult to commence again with.

  • Well experienced

Lastly, invest in a video conferencing API provider that knows what you need best.

For instance, if you’re looking to make engagements easy for beginners on your app, you could avoid heavy signup options. Investing in a video conferencing API provider needs to help you do more with your solution.

They need to ensure that your solution is enhanced with time and is serving its purpose.


A video conference API can benefit any business that is looking to enhance its style of engagement with its users. With time, engagements have become a priority and businesses need to continue operating with such a platform that can benefit or rather enhance the way they do business.

Now that you have the above information, use it as your guide to understanding the meaningful value of a video conference app. From finding the right API provider to understanding the impact of a video conferencing API, let this cheat sheet guide you.

So tell us, what do you think about video conferencing API?

When do you intend to get started?

What qualities will you look for first in your API provider?