With Google putting more emphasis on page speed, your site’s “speed ability” is becoming a crucial aspect of your Web SEO strategy. Both users and website owners profit from fast websites: not only will your website be more usable, but you will also save money on operating costs.

Page speed is now a factor in Google’s search ranking algorithms, making it even more important for Web SEO. We teach you how to speed up your website by putting it into gear.

Why should I make my page load faster?

As part of your Web SEO plan, you should enhance the loading time of your website for various reasons. Here are a few examples:

Search engines, such as Google, consider a fast-loading site to be of higher quality, and it gives users with a better experience and enhanced satisfaction.

Page Speed

A faster page speed lowers your bounce rate since Google research reveals that if your website takes too long to load, visitors will spend less time on it and will return to the search results.

A faster site contributes to the Web’s overall quality, especially for those with sluggish Internet connections.

What factors influence the speed of a web page?

There are numerous aspects that influence site speed, all of which must be handled in your Web SEO strategy. Yahoo! has published 35 tips for helping Web pages load faster. Here are a few of the most significant ones to pay attention to while optimizing your website’s page speed.

Optimize pictures – Large photos might account for up to 90% of your site’s slowdown. Consult your Web designer about developing Web-friendly photographs with the proper resolution and format for your site.

Redirects can be achieved with the 301 and 302 status codes, however, they slow down the user experience and can be the cause of your website’s slowness.

Reducing the number of files that are referenced is a good idea. Combine or minimize the number of files required to display a Web page by using a single CSS file that handles everything or two smaller ones (one for standard browsers and one for mobile).

Linking to other media – This might also contribute to a delayed page load time. Make an effort not to link to other sources of information (eg images not hosted on your website).

Remove any superfluous code from the page’s header – A single Javascript file might contain a lot of javascript code.

At the end of your links, add a slash (/): When you add a ‘/’ to the end of your links, the server recognises that they point to a directory. This won’t make a significant difference in the speed of your site, but every microsecond counts. 

What resources do I have at my disposal?

If you’re a site owner, webmaster, or Web author, here are some free tools that Google recommends for evaluating your site’s speed. These tools will help you speed up your website and boost your search engine optimization.

Google Analytics – You may enable a Page Speed report in Google Analytics by changing a tracking code. This report monitors the page load time (lag time) for a sample of page views on your website pages and evaluates your content, traffic sources, users, and technology in connection to site speed.

Page Speed – Open-source Firefox/Firebug and Chrome add-on that assesses the performance of Web pages and provides recommendations for improvement. It prioritizes any potential site changes into three categories: high, medium, and low. It’s also accessible as an online page speed test.


This is a free online tool given by Yahoo! that proposes ways to enhance website speed based on 35 ideas from Yahobest !’s practices for optimizing page loading rates. YSlow is a Firefox add-on that works in conjunction with Firebug, a web development tool.

Webpage test

This was created for internal use at AOL and was made open-source in 2008. You may test your website on a variety of browsers depending on your location. This page speed test contains an optimization checklist as well as a waterfall view of your pages’ load performance.

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