Native mobile app development is in hue these days owing to its outstanding advantages that are completely missed out in hybrid app development. The process of native application development involves writing applications in particular languages . For Android, Java/Kotlin are used and for iOS, Swift/Objective-C are used. These are fully customizable apps that offer the best customer experience. People looking for mobile app development services find it pretty amazing to get hands-on native application development services since they are well renowned for multiple perks.

So let us discuss about these perks in detail:

Top 9 Native Mobile App Development Benefits to Savior in 2021

1.   Exceptional Provision of Security

Native apps have the gift of extensive added security on different OS layers which is not prevalent on other hybrid apps. Also, with no relying on third-party systems, natvive apps use only available APIs which eliminate any other risk. Moreover, as the official SDKs are highly dependable and come with superior security features, you can always find security embedded from the foundation of development itself.

2.   Exemplary Performance in play

Being quicker with a focus on rendering excellent customer experience, native app development is highly regarded worldwide. Not only are the apps developed super responsive, they also operate faster as they are designed using platform-specific languages and ecosystems. These amazing applications are seamless in functioning as they can access all the amazing device-optimized APIs and elements. You may never witness such speed and excellence with hybrid apps.

3.   Relatively Lesser Bugs

Since the native app development emphasizes on one platform, the chances of getting errors and bugs reduces significantly. This scenario is quite different in cross platform or hybrid app development. Owing to more bugs, users may experience a slower and poor user experience in such cases that eventually leads them to uninstall apps in the long run.

4.   Ease of Scalability

This is one of the best features of native apps as they can easily be configured owing to their single platform compatibility. Owing to full native features, all users can easily access everything on their respective platforms (Android, iOS) with no compromise on security or other features. If you are planning to use the advantages of both the platforms, you can kickstart with native features first and then enhance using the cross-platform modules.

5.   The perfect blend of Unified UI/UX

Native app developers learn to design unified UI/UX which causes a steep learning curve. Thus, they focus on perfecting their art and adding new and exciting features that extend user experience further. It helps in broadcasting the UI features as all developers need to follow the ultimate practices and set standards defined already.

6.   High-end maintenance

Since native apps prefer deploying the latest version, their maintenance gets complicated. With more content uploading while installation, future updates are super easy to install on both Android as well as iOS in no time.

7.   Feature Accessibility

As native apps encompass all the relevant platform specific features like camera, GPS, microphone, they help in developing full software and OS feature benefits. The best part is that such apps offer superb UX which makes these apps quite popular among the users. Also, push notifications provided by GCM (Google’s Cloud Messaging) and APNS (iOS server) are easily available for use.

8.   Guaranteed High Stability

As Android and iOS consistently strive hard to refine their platforms for both developers as well as end users, there will be new improvements and updates from time to time for efficient app functioning. Thus, the number of glitches and crashes will be relatively lesser than the hybrid or cross-platform application.

9.   Excellent Performance when Offline

To get the most out of the offline features, it is important to opt for mobile application development solutions designed using the native architecture. Be it apps related to amazing day-to-day planners, accurate navigators, superb organizers or leisure time games, it is all because the entire app’s useful content is downloaded at the time of installation.


Now that you know all the amazing benefits of native app development, it is time to start your research on the best native mobile application development company that offers supreme quality services at optimum rates. Always share your requirements beforehand to get the best out of the project. Relying on experienced native application developers is the key to derive the best native mobile app development services!