Electronic thermometers have long been no longer a strange item. With outstanding advantages, it has become a well-known product, especially for mothers with small children to easily monitor their children’s health. So what kind of electronic thermometer should I buy? Is the forehead thermometer good and accurate?

Let’s find the answer together through all the information provided in this article!

1. Microlife FR1MF1 forehead thermometer (Recommended)

First, we would like to introduce to you the Microlife FR1MF1 infrared forehead thermometer. This is one of the devices recommended to use by experts and doctors.

The device uses an infrared thermal sensor system, capable of accurately measuring temperature with a distance of 1 – 3 cm. The execution time only takes about 2 seconds, which saves a lot of money.

This type of thermometer is often used for newborn babies, and does not affect the baby much, even when the baby sleeps, the mother can still measure it without fear of waking the baby up. Regarding the results, the mother is completely assured, the error level only fluctuates within 0.2 degrees Celsius.

Not only has the function of measuring body temperature, this device is also used to measure bottle temperature, bath water temperature, food temperature, and room temperature. Another impressive point in the machine is the ability to store 30 measurement results at the same time.

The price of Microlife FR1MF1 is about $30, 2 years warranty.

2. Omron MC-720. forehead thermometer

The third product is the Omron MC-720 forehead electronic thermometer. This device is also very smart, capable of measuring heat within a distance of 3cm, and still accurate. In addition to measuring body temperature, the device can also measure room temperature and surface temperature.

The machine is equipped with a CR2032 battery, capable of operating, measuring up to 2500 times. Mom can completely easily measure the baby’s temperature even while the baby sleeps thanks to the quiet operation feature.

The machine memory is capable of storing 25 measurement results and is warranted for 2 years. Omron MC-720 selling price from $30 – $35

3. Beurer FT65. Electronic Thermometer

Beurer FT65 is a thermometer manufactured with American quality standard technology (ASTM). It only takes about a second to accurately measure your baby’s temperature. For ear measurement, the interval is 5 seconds.

The machine also designed an LCD screen with moderate brightness, convenient for monitoring results. Using 2 1.5V AAA batteries along with an energy-saving power feature helps you to maintain it for a long time.

The limitation of this device is that the memory capacity is quite low, only 10 measurement results can be stored.

Beurer FT65 electronic thermometer has an affordable price of only $20.

4. Infrared multi-function infrared thermometer CK1803

Next is the Infrared CK1803 electronic thermometer, which has a body temperature measurement function and can measure many things around the environment such as: measuring bottle temperature, measuring surface temperature, measuring room temperature, or measuring water temperature shower.

The most impressive advantage of this product over the previous product is the memory capacity, with a huge memory that can store up to 50 results. Impressive, isn’t it?

The measurement time takes about 4 seconds and the result has an accuracy of 0.3 degrees Celsius. The equipped LED display greatly helps in observing the measurement results.

5. Medilife forehead and ear thermometer – IFR600 (Infrared)

Every time we mention Medilife, we will immediately remember brands specializing in health care products such as electronic thermometers and wrist blood pressure monitors.

Medilife IT forehead and ear infrared electronic thermometer – IFR600 is the most impressive model of this brand.

The device has a compact design, and can easily measure temperature in both forehead and ears. Not only measuring body temperature, but the device can also measure the temperature of bath water, food, or room temperature.

The memory capacity is capable of storing up to 20 measurement results along with a clear LCD of the data.

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