You might have read many blogs and articles about the best features to add to your mobile app. And why not so?! Mobile technologies have become mainstream and a central component of online businesses. No startup or company can survive if they do not create a business-centric channel for mobile devices.

There are several technologies you can apply to your application. But, only add those that are distinctive and create a dedicated user experience. Do not forget to embed a simple user interface atop the app. After all, users should be well-versed with it to be able to use it for their convenience, right?! No one will download an app that doesn’t offer effortless controls. It is the primary reason a reputable Android Mobile App Development Company hires developers that love the “minimalistic” approach.

You cannot expect people stick to apps that offer complex surgical procedures relatively easy controls. Thus, expect a ‘long-press on screens for these mobile applications and swipe straight to the dustbin. Before you dive into the following custom-built smartphone app technologies, make sure your app is the epitome of sensibleness and simplicity.

1. Use of Latest Technologies

Apply and impart far-fetched computerized tools and software to your mobile app. After all, it’s all about giving a new and refreshing application experience to your users. The first part is providing convenience to users, followed by technologies that can make them better. It is the main reason why the Silicongraphics Dubai-based firm is famous in this regard. Some popular technologies for mobile apps comprise AI-powered applications, geofencing, AR, etc.

2. Augmented Reality in Apps

Incontestably, AR is the powerhouse of smartphones. Undeniably, it’s the augmented reality technology we’re talking about. Several apps and software(s) offer AR and take your controls and works to the next level. Bext examples in this regard include Google Sky Map, AcrossAir, IKEA Place, YouCam, SpotCrime, Pokemon Go, and SketchAR, to mention a few.

3. Cross-platform App Flexibilities

No mobile application can become an instant hit even if it offers incredible versatile features. It should be available for both iOS and Android platforms to seal the deal; make it to the top charts on the app stores. Therefore, every Android mobile app development company prefers hiring cross-platform programmers to iOS-centric developers.

Moreover, cross-platforms can be done in a way to mimic native apps. For this, programmers can use the angular native framework that allows creating such apps. Thus, save money, time, as well as their diligent efforts.

4. In-App Securities

Mobile securities are a crucial part of both conventional and custom-built smartphone applications. Over the years, there has been an increase in unethical hacking rise in cybersecurity risks. Therefore, hire an iOS or Android mobile app development company that guarantees failproof online security. Besides, the foremost priority for you should be securing user data and other personal information.

5. Effective Business Solutions

Your mobile app should be able to provide real-time business solutions to users. Further, it should guide mobile users towards credible sources and tactics to make the most of their investment. Please do not create a mobile app that does anything except waste your and theirs precious time.

6. Latest Connectivity Technologies

Make sure your mobile app supports the latest Wi-Fi (5.0 and above) versions. Also, your Bluetooth technologies should be up-to-date and offer seamless connectivity among multiple devices. Try your best to make it available for 5G wireless technologies that are the talk of the town these days. Besides, you can count on experts at Silicongraphics Dubai in this regard.


Creating a custom-built is app is all about providing accessibility and convenience to users. Do not rest only on online methods and mediums. It would be best if you give the users practical offline functionalities too. As well, offer personalization features for them to adjust the app accordingly. Never flippantly take customers’ feedback, but read these watchfully. Besides, analysis by clients shows genuine reviews about your app, so use it to improve your app. The push notification technology re also an excellent personalized feature you can add to your mobile app.