BigCommerce is quickly becoming a favorite among small businesses that want to start selling their products without getting too technical with their sales channels. However, many soon need the help of BigCommerce SEO experts as they notice that their website is not performing as well as they had expected, even after applying every suggestion they find online.

Why does that happen?

One of the main reasons is that business owners try to get advice from several contradicting sources when building their websites. There is nothing wrong with trying to get educated and knowledgeable about how to manage your eCommerce SEO. However, in many instances, what works amazingly for some will make things definitely worse for others.

For example, many stores do an amazing job by showcasing their products with a minimalistic design that gives their visitors what they want with only one click. However, this strategy might prove disastrous for providers if their products or services are directed at people who require a more refined conversion funnel that both educates and solves their problems in the process.

Optimizing an eCommerce website can mean so many things depending on your vertical, that you will inevitably need a BigCommerce SEO expert to find out what the word optimization means for your store.

The first thing a digital agency does is to run a technical SEO audit on your website. It is the only way to discover what ails your website. What many people don’t know is that most of what BigCommerce SEO experts do at first is to fix botched SEO campaigns. Many websites have been bogged down by the implementation of different and contradicting SEO and marketing strategies. They not only get in each other’s way, but they also tend to confuse both search engines and visitors.

It is not uncommon to see that most of any SEO agency´s initial work is putting fires off. It requires convincing clients that many of the great ideas they had are negatively impacting their income potential.

When to Hire a BigCommerce SEO expert?

Short answer: as soon as you can. We know that most startups barely have enough money to get their hands on a few seemingly necessary premium tools that all promise to be vital for your BigCommerce store to succeed. Then they think about social media and PPC campaigns to help them start getting traffic and customers into their online stores.

However, you need a BigCommerce SEO Expert if your goal is to save money and time in the long run. Contrary to popular belief, they are not solely interested in search engine rankings. Their input is crucial, especially at the beginning of your journey as they help you determine where to put your precious marketing money to better use. Maybe you think you need that shiny SEO plugin and invest in beautifully designed templates to get your eCommerce business going.

However, some templates are just not good for many niches, and some plugins are a waste of money no matter what it says on the sticker.

Getting early help from a reputable BigCommerce SEO expert might feel like incurring extra costs, but it is the only way to avoid the common pitfalls many merchants fall into. It also helps you discover where your audience wants to see your ads or content without interrupting their online experience.

Knowledgeable companies, such as Genius eCommerce®, will give your online store incredibly improved chances of getting sales and leads sooner than your competitors. Start with a free audit, and learn how an expert team of digital marketers will propel your business forward.