As we tend to find out a new normal in an ever-changing world, experience linked marketing tactics are shining the light for businesses to build a good rapport with their demographic. The contemporary world values shared stories and experiences more than ever as seen by us with endless media streams being concentrated on how one connects even when one fails to connect in person.

What is experiential marketing

Experiential marketing refers to one of the most modern-minded ways for bridging the gap between client and company and your business can make the most from the expertise of modern strategies in various ways. Through experiential marketing may sound similar to event marketing, there are many ways for marketing experience without having to talk about particular happenings with most of them in-person events being postponed or cancelled owing to the pandemic.

As per the freeman global brand experience study, an increasing number of CMOS as compared to ever before are devoting a sizable portion of anywhere between 21-50% of their experiential marketing campaign budget over the coming few years and the main reason is very clear i.e it works.

Why business requires experiential marketing

Here are some of the reasons explaining why a business requires experiential marketing to attain success in 2021.

Storytelling is at its finest

Are you one of those looking to join in an incessantly increasing number of brands taking their efforts linked with marketing to streets? Are you one of those holding back as you generally think you can save plenty by conducting in housework?

Here, we will list some of the top reasons revealing why it is crucial to opt for an experiential marketing agency:

* Relevant experience in their field

By opting for an experiential marketing agency, you not just get a good team in place and even avail expertise solutions. An experiential marketing agency usually is a top-class expert in their relevant field. They are one of those who have worked with distinct industries, with distinct types of clients, audiences, regions and can manage a huge range of problems. They even have the likelihood to predict trends & potentially problematic events, which may come up.

* Retain thorough control

You define the agency’s role. An experiential marketing agency’s objective is to support you where you need it most. You have bigger things to focus on than tracking shipments, coordinating with activation sites or staff t-shirt sizes. An agency filters through the logistics so you focus on what’s important.

* Ensure to score cream of the crop

Agencies hold relevant connections and experience to get you one of the best marketing tools, displays & brand ambassadors through the country. A strong experiential marketing agency has an extensive inventory & network of supplies, talent and vendors that are thoroughly seasoned in the industry. They have such great relations in place that assist them to score attractive prices as per your budget, which further saves you hours to know what your market as per your requirement actually is.

* True and tried process

Masters of their art usually test their process and adjust to avail an optimized success. More the years in the industry more will be the opportunity that boils down to the tried and true turnkey occasion production & management process. One does not hold years for mastering the event logistics, thus hiring a seasoned veteran in the form of an experiential marketing agency is the best choice to make.

* Parking, permits, police

These are the 3 things that an event planner enjoys dealing with and can endure just on your behalf.

* Reporting timely to your boss

They would want to have an idea about the number of people that showed up, the number of samples that were given, the number of social media posts that used your hashtag and various analytics required to calculate your ROI i.e return on investment. Reveal the agency about your KPI or Key Performance Indicators & they will report the registered numbers.

* Minutest of the things are considered

When you opt for an experiential marketing agency that particularly excels in the event-based logistic area, it means you are opting for experts who are great with event production industry work. They have knowledge about each and every ingredient, from fire extinguishers to batteries, flowers, dinner reservations, extension cords for your company’s great launch and these are minor touches, which make a huge difference.

* On-time and on budget

One can save both money and time when outsourcing their brand activation. When signing your contract, one always has a specific team committed to keeping a watch on the calendar & crucial other things. One will get notified about the approaching purchases and deadlines with a specific budget.

Note that your hiring experts are set to conduct expert linked work. Thus, as long as you opt for an experiential marketing agency having a reputable clients list, diverse portfolio & crucial numbers revealing results, you will be glad you avoided a major headache by putting money and time in the hands of those who are professionally trained.

Outside creativity and perspective

By using the in house resources, you may be having problems viewing your services or products from a different perspective. With an experiential marketing agency in place, your likelihood to get attached with fresh ideas, objective-based points of view and more creativity increases.


The next advantage of having a connection with an experiential marketing agency is it brings in established connections, partnerships and vendors from different cities that they have worked with in the past. One does not require sourcing new vendors for every item on the production list. Thus, having a connection with an experiential marketing agency comes across to be a big asset in the production and development process of your program.


Once you have set the program goals for the return on investment, you just require sitting back, relaxing & just keeping a check on the numbers being rolled in. Your experiential agency holds the responsibility of tracking all such numbers as per your budget and defined metrics throughout your program. They are even responsible for analyzing and delivering complete reports.