Call center data analysis improves the customer experience and agent performance. The technology of the call center changing rapidly and employing advanced technology in your call center boost productivity. With analysis of data, you can measure all factors and know which factors need to be better. In modern times a lot of intelligence tools assist the agents and make the work fast. Utilize these business intelligence tools and enhance your business revenue.

What is call center data   

The call center is an organization where many agents work and interact with a lot of customers. Data that they gather from the customers as well as some important metrics of a call center are considered call center data. Collecting the data carefully and understanding the problem of the customer is an important factor to grow productivity. Besides these, the whole process of collecting and analyzing the client’s data to excavate valuable intuitions about your service organization’s performance. So, call center data contains productivity, revenue, customer satisfaction, customer retention, and customer effort score.

Call center data analysis process

Listening to the phone calls manually is not a viable strategy because it is costly, chances human errors, and is difficult to measure. So, utilize the intelligence tools and convert your manual work into automation. Automatic recording, and analyzing every call. This gives you full prominence in every call center interaction. Other than, some AI-powered intelligence solutions that make the analysis process easy because it assists you to understand the important actions when these occur in the call. Moreover, you can also automatically detect the call whether this call is valuable or not. Most of the time someone lands in the sales center for customer service problems or just calls for getting the basic information such as directions. Intelligence tools make it easy to recognize performance at scale without taking to dig into each call record.

Call center data analysis give deep intuitions

The number of staff in a call center varies with time because it depends upon the size and nature of the company. For example, if a company has 25,000 to 40,000 customer service reps, then these reps are probable to handle 50 plus or more calls in a day. As well as the average call duration time is four minutes.

This is too much call time, as well as those interactions, create a huge amount of valued data according to call center proficiency from average call duration to pick time. Various call center collects and stores this data. But in this method when they review this data, they are only scraping the surface of what they could fix with it.

This call center data is used for counting the number of received calls, gathering demographics, and measuring the KPIs (key performance indicators) that are related to the call center or appropriate department. Besides this, you can analyze the call center data to track the quality control as well as use the discoveries to train the agents.

Moreover, if you are not analyzing the deeper conversation data then your business is lost a marvelous chance to create data-driven call center enhancement strategies that can raise call center performance. Choose the best intelligence tools that are perfect for your business requirements and grow your business.

Practices to analyze call center data

Analyzing the call center data is important to offer the best service, get valued leads and enhance sales. Other than that, once your organization has all this information, you can identify your organization’s weaknesses and strengths easily. If training is needed then train your employees and improve the weaknesses and satisfy your customers. Here are some practices that you can employ for call center data analysis.

1.    Check call records in detail

All incoming and outgoing business calls are contained in the call record. This means that you can find how many calls are received in a day. Besides this, you can also identify that which time and days are best for receiving more calls. This helpful information is the best source of getting more calls because agents are preparing at this time.

2.    Measure key performance indicators

Measuring call center KPIs assists you in how your organization is performing. Measuring these metrics on the top priority because these are key factors of your business.

Ø FCR (First call resolution):

Measures how customer requirements are fulfilled on the first call or not. It means that required no follow-up calls or emails.

Ø Queue time:

Queue time is the time when a customer waits for receiving their call. You have a good idea by measuring this KPI that how professionally your agents respond to the customer.

Ø Handling time:

Track the average call handling time. It means that analyze the time that is spent on handling a call like their talk time and hold time. Keep balance by minimizing the handling time and operative customer service.

Ø Abandonment rate:

Customers drop the call when the wait time is too long because they get frustrated.IVR is the solution to minimize the abandonment rate. Play music or some helpful information that keeps the customer in good mood.

Ø Customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is an important factor. A high rate of satisfied customers improves business growth. Use feedback portals to measure the customer satisfaction score.

3.    Understand customer preferences

Good customer service leads towards good sales. Understanding customer needs and fulfilling their need is the way to make them long-term clients and enhance your business growth. Talk politely and listen carefully to what they want. Likewise, ask for their opinion as well as offer service that they prefer. For example, some customers are not satisfied with email, they are comfortable with a phone conversation.

4.    Prior quality assurance

Quality assurance is your priority because this is a process that offers excellent services. With the help of QA, you are not just monitoring the agent performance and customer employment relation but it is best for analyzing the overall operations.

5.    Customer feedback

Get customer feedback via surveys. By measuring the customer feedback, you can identify those which things need to be more effective. Use this information and make your services better. As well as satisfy your clients.


Call center analytics help your business to snatch more customer attention and improve your business. Define high standards and train your agents they follow these standards to achieve your goal.