We have prepared a great guide on how to make money on Instagram, how to make money on Instagram.

It is possible to make money from Instagram. There are those who earn $500 per week, there are those who earn $2000 per month.

You don’t need to have a great knowledge to understand and know this anymore. Every Instagram user knows and is aware that money is earned. Making money online is not a dream anymore. Those who know the job, deal with perseverance, and are patient earn money from this job. We express it clearly and unequivocally.

We explain to you in detail what you need to do to make money from Instagram. We include all the details, from what you need to do to gain followers and how you can earn money.

First, we should state that most of those who want to start this business, how to gain followers on Instagram? How to make money on Instagram? seeks answers to questions such as

Because he doesn’t know what to do and where to start.

We tell you what to do one by one. We explain how to earn $500 per week and $2000 per month.

Make money from Instagram

First, we want to talk about how to make money from Instagram. Because there are various ways to make money on Instagram. For example, there are those who make money by selling on Instagram, there are those who have a high number of followers and earn money from advertisements.

We tell you these because not everyone wants to trade. For some, it may be much more attractive to increase the number of followers of their page and earn money from advertisements. Some of them like to sell and trade and like to earn money in this way. By explaining to you how both methods work and their logic, we will enable you to attempt this.

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What you need to know;

If you really want to make money from this business, we will talk about a few things you should know and pay attention to.

In general, we can say that it is the path followed by those who succeed in making money.

1- You must be patient: If you are new to this business, first, you need to be patient. For example, let’s say that there is someone who wants to open a humor page, increase the number of followers, and earn money.

For this, you will have to open your page and share funny videos here to attract people’s attention. This is a job that spans time, and you need to continue your work patiently.

2- Forget the desire to make money right away: You can’t make money right away from this business. To earn money from Instagram, first, your number of followers and the interaction of these followers must be at a good level.

Reaching a good follower is not an easy task as it seems. That’s why you can’t start making money right away. There is a good company we would recommend increasing followers, Flowline Center. You can buy Instagram followers cheap from Flowline Center’s services, so you can increase your follower count in a very short time.

Remember, there are a lot of people who get into this business and make money.

3- Analyzing is always important: Whatever you call analysis, research. Whether you want to sell on Instagram or reach many followers and earn money from advertisements. Before opening a page, do research on the topic you will open.

Doing research will not harm you, it will be beneficial.

Why do we say research?

Do people have an interest in what you’re dealing with? you need to know this. Imagine that you open a page on a subject, but no one is interested.

This is wasted rowing. If you want to start off with point shooting, you should do research.

4- Quality is important: Do not compromise on quality: Most of the people who make money from Instagram do their work with excellent quality. Compared to other pages, they are one step ahead and manage to make a difference.

In this way, it is inevitable for pages that do not compromise on quality to make money.

Our advice to you is to open a page on any subject and do your work with quality.

Make it your priority to increase the number of followers

First, no matter what page you open, your follower count must have reached a certain level. Let’s just say that 5,000 followers are useless. You really need to contract organically and have followers with a high engagement rate.

# First, your most important weapon to increase your follower count is the posts you will share. These posts must be of good quality. For example, if you have a book page, you can share the impressive words in some books.

# Harness the power of tags. It may appear mostly as a hashtag. Its equivalent is label. Find popular hashtags and use them in the posts you share.


#summer #summertime #sun #TagsForLikes #hot #sunny #warm #fun #beautiful #sky #clearskys #season #seasons #instagram #instasummer #photostagram #nature #TFLers #clearsky #bluesky #vacationtime #weather #summerweather #sunshine #summertimeshine

There are many ways to make money from Instagram. Below we have shared 4 ways to earn money for you. Please review.

1. By selling

First, decide whether you will sell physical products or digital products. For example, if you have a female follower list, you might consider selling cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, and health products.

Here are a few ways to promote products on Instagram:

Pre-launch using promotional images and videos of your new product, i.e., not showing the product completely.

Show the product completely after you’ve got people curious enough.

Use customized product hashtags ( # ) to increase engagement.

Prepare 15-second ads about your product. Make sure to show these parts which features of your product you want to highlight.

Do you have fans sharing your product photos using a certain hashtag? Make a collage by choosing the best of these photos and share it on your page.

Make an album of your customers’ Instagram photos and share them on your website.

Of course, get permission first. Show your potential customers how happy people are using your products. Doing this will increase your sales.

2. Affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you can increase your affiliate sales by using Instagram. There are two options for the links you will share:

  • The link with the opinions about the affiliate product,
  • Direct affiliate links.

Show your excitement about the product you are selling. Use multiple images and video updates to excite your followers.

Post images and videos showing results for certain affiliate products. People will be impressed when they see other people achieving measurable results.

Make 15-second videos that will encourage people to learn more.

If you have followers who are interested in making money online, share your application links so that they become affiliates under you and earn commission thanks to them.

Share screenshots of your most recent affiliate commissions to impress people with the program.

Give bonuses to shoppers through your affiliate link. Prepare images or 15-second videos for bonuses.

3. By selling accounts

It is organic account sales that few people know but will be a good source of income when it can be done. By creating accounts with high interaction rate, you can sell on forums and e-commerce sites.

4. Ads

If you have a medium-sized Instagram account, you can earn income by advertising. What you can do:

  • Write a comment
  • Suggestion post shares
  • Location notification
  • Post likes

Let’s look at the star who makes good money on Instagram: Sara Tasker

Sara, 33, lives in Yorkshire and has previously worked as a speech therapist.

She opened her Instagram account four years ago when she took a four-month maternity leave.

The motivation for Sara to create a profile for herself on Instagram was the free products and money offered by brands to Instagram users.

Now, when we look at it, Sara has become a micro-influencer with 225,000 followers.

Sara’s profile is full of beautiful lifestyle photos she shares from her own life.

According to accounts, Sara earned an average of £120,000 from Instagram last year. In addition to making money by posting from brands, Sara also coaches people on Instagram marketing.

Another example is from the movie Star Wars. A few years ago, the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens was heard all over the world.

Lucasfilm and HP created a promotional strategy using sponsored posts.

For this, they asked musician Rudy Mancuso to arrange and play the Star Wars theme song himself.

As you can see, this post received over 66,000 likes!

What is meant here is that if you can offer something useful to people, it is inevitable that you will earn money from advertisements or sponsored links.

How to gain followers?

There are a few basic methods to increase followers.


  • By liking the pictures.
  • Hashtag tracking.
  • Do not comment.
  • Mutual follow up.
  • Friend, friendly advice.
  • Buying followers
  • Instagram bots
  • Producing original content
  • Closing

We told a lot of things to make money from Instagram. To summarize in general, quality sharing, perseverance, effort and patience are the most important things.

If you have a question or something you want to add, you can specify it in the comment section. We respond within 1-2 hours at the latest.