The field of digital marketing is rapidly evolving. It is an industry that requires digital marketers to constantly discover new and innovative ways to be at the top of their game. To help them do so, many different digital marketing tools and apps exist, each with its unique features. And if you are someone who knows a thing or two about digital marketing, you will know that in this sea of tools, it is not easy to find a tool that best suits your needs.   

Suppose you are someone who owns an escape room business, and you want to grow your brand through digital marketing. For this, you need to know the best digital marketing tools to help you establish your online presence and, in turn, help you gain more people willing to try out your escape room.  

So, if you want to flourish in the online world, whether for a business or your brand, here are 15 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools that will help you grow: 

  • SEMrush 

SEO is one of the vital strategies for gaining maximum reach on search engines like Google. Hence, an excellent tool like SEMrush helps you with SEO-friendly keyword research. It also allows you to check your competitors’ SEO analysis, rank tracking, and link building. It is one of the best all-in-one SEO tools that can help you improve your online visibility. 

  • Ahrefs 

Afrefs is another comprehensive SEO management tool that helps you track weak areas of your website, provides real-time rank tracking, and measures the overall SEO health of your website. Another notable feature is that it helps you identify any website’s best-performing content, which will help you analyze trends and make your content accordingly. 

  • Google Analytics 

A tool no digital marketer will miss, Google Analytics gives you all the data about who visits your website, from which part of the world, how much time they spend on specific aspects of your page, and much more. The best part is that you can access this data for free. You can use the data available to you and improve visitor engagement. 

  • Kissmetrics 

A powerful web analytics tool, Kissmetrics focuses on user activity on your website and collects data based on what the user does. As a digital marketer, you can understand what goes on in the user’s mind by analyzing this data, which will help you with conversion rates. 

  • Hootsuite 

As digital marketers, you need the best social media management tools to help you keep control of your social media pages. Hootsuite is one of them. It is a tool that helps you plan, schedule, and syndicate social posts. With an integrated dashboard, it is convenient for you to manage your social interactions on your social media platforms like Instagram, Discord, Patron, YouTube, Twitter, etc. 

  • Loomly 

Loomly is a fantastic social media management tool that helps create, organize, and publish content across major social media platforms. It provides you with built-in calendars where you can manage your workflow smoothly. As a bonus, it has a straightforward interface, making it a tool that even beginners can efficiently utilize. 

  • BuzzSumo 

If you want a tool that helps you discover popular content by topic, then BuzzSumo is the tool for you. It can help you track your content according to what is “buzzing” at the moment! You can also find the latest keywords and everything that is in trend to help you connect better with your audience. 

  • Landingi 

On your website, the landing page will determine whether your potential will engage with your website or not. So to make attractive landing pages, Landingi is the tool for you. The tool gives you more than 300 templates to choose from and also has a helpful drag-and-drop landing page builder.  

  • Youengage 

Youengage is another tool that can help you create interactive and engaging content to boost your social media presence. You can make quizzes, surveys, Q&A sessions, and much more that actively involve your potential customer’s valuable input. You can use the data gathered to improve your engagement activity further. 

  • Infogram 

To help you with your graphic content creation needs, Infogram is a tool you need to try out. It is a great visualization tool that enables you to create infographics, creative charts, reports, and much more. You can also use one of their many templates and add font and color.  

  • Crello 

Crello is a tool that can help you create professional graphic designs quickly without compromising the quality of your visual content. It is a design tool where you can use the drag-and-drop feature to edit photos, add elements, make animations and even add music to photos and videos. 

  • Trello 

Trello is a platform for teams to ideate, work on, and accomplish their goals. It works on the concept of visual representation of the status of your tasks. All you have to do is list all your tasks in one column- for example, a “to-do” column- and as you finish each task, you can move each task to the “completed” column. Trello is a great productivity tool that you can use to stay on top of all your marketing activities. 

  • Asana 

One of the best project management tools, Asana, is designed to help you visualize projects, prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and ensure that your team gets work done on time. The user interface has designs created so that you and your team can easily manage your tasks efficiently. 

  • Unbounce 

Unbounce is a tool built so that your landing page has high conversion rates. The advantage of using it is that it is AI-powered, so it can suggest designs and structures that best suit your target audience. When it comes to conversion optimization, Unbounce is one of the best tools you can use as a digital marketer. 

  • Smartlook 

Smartlook is an analytics platform like no other. Some features that help it stand out are visitor recordings and automatic event tracking. It can also tell you where your website needs a quick fix. As a result, using Smartlook can help you improve your conversion rates drastically.  

Use the best tools to help your brand stand out. 

With the help of these digital marketing tools, you can rest assured that your brand will grow to great heights in the digital space. So, use the ones you need based on your requirements and take your business to the next height of success!