In today’s world businesses are digitally connected and continuously evolving with the use of new innovative technologies, it is very hard for standard business organizations to remain competitive in this digital era and meet customer demands and expectations in a given time. Managing various business processes and delivering a top-notch customer experience is vital for every business.

Having a separate digital platform for sales, e-commerce, and marketing was useful in the past for the organizations but current market conditions have changed drastically and these new challenges require new solutions. Today most of the B2B and B2C enterprises are looking forward to having integrated solutions to achieve useful customer insights and effectively use all the possible channels with more ease.

This is the reason why SAP has come up with the SAP Customer Experience suite (SAP CX) that allows businesses to strengthen data and drives customer-centricity. SAP Customer Experience suite will provide proper coverage to every aspect of the businesses and present a holistic view of the customers.

What is SAP Customer Experience?

SAP Customer Experience, also known as SAP C/4HANA is a CRM solution suite that allows business organizations to attain maximum supremacy in customer service management. With the ability to provide innumerable integrated solutions, SAP Customer Experience also keeps full track of every step of customer and management interactions.

SAP Customer Experience is considered as the “Next Generation CRM” solution due to its effective and efficient management of modern techniques. SAP Customer Experience also provides the cloud solution for sales, marketing, retail, and CRM with the use of SAP Cloud Platform. This technology can be considered as the front-end suite of SAP S/4HANA with its ability to successfully integrate with other SAP products.

With the use of SAP hybrid unit and machine learning, SAP Customer Experience has come up with the solution of transforming standard and current ways of managing products and services and achieving advanced real-time customer engagement with long-term relationships.

Functionalities of SAP CX Solution

Effective use of SAP Customer Experience unlocks various solutions for the organizations that help organizations to understand their existing stature in the current competitive environment. These solutions are:

  • Holistic View of Customers: To achieve the proper customer-centricity, every organization should have access to all the relative customer insights. And that is why SAP Customer Experience is used by all business organizations. SAP Customer Experience enables insights into all customer-related data such as master data, buying records, and even individual needs. SAP Customer Experience also provides real-time data of sales, marketing, services, and commerce to achieve better customer engagement.
  • Analysis of Marketing Campaign: With the use of modern technologies of machine learning and Artificial intelligence, SAP Customer Experience can provide real-time insights from the dynamic customer profiles for creating a personalized marketing strategy and campaigns for each individual. Along with this solution SAP, Customer Experience is directly contributing to the new business.
  • Solution Delivery: SAP Customer Experience provides the opportunity to business organizations to recognize the important developments in the process of decision making and work according to the relative customer objectives. SAP Customer Experience plays an important role in empowering the sales team with real-time information about the customer with the use of the latest Artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Provides channels for Business: Nowadays customers have high expectations when it comes to buying services. So every organization is now looking for a new, cost-effective, and relatively easy platform so that they can create a seamless working environment at every stage for the customers. With the use of SAP Customer Experience, organizations can take a holistic Omni channel sales experience by connecting digital and traditional sales channels end to end.
  • Exclusive services: One of the major solutions that are associated with SAP Customer Experience is providing exclusive and finest services to their customers. With the use of SAP Customer Experience organizations not only have the opportunity to speed up and upgrade their service processes but also can engage customers and sell additional products.

Cloud Solutions with SAP CX

SAP Customer Experience mainly has five customer experience clouds and each of these clouds covers a new and separate CRM area. All of these customer experience clouds are created such that the customer experience and productivity can be maximized. These cloud solutions are:

  • SAP Marketing Cloud: SAP marketing cloud provides the opportunity to get access to real-time data about their targeted customers and can manage and store this data into consolidated customer view tools. With use of this data, organizations can get a holistic view of the customers and enable them to identify the best way to achieve personalized targeting. Below are characteristics of SAP Marketing Cloud:
  1. Consolidated customer view
  2. Recognition of Targeted audience
  3. Routine Omni channel experiences
  4. A channelized course of action
  • SAP Commerce Cloud: SAP Commerce Cloud enables organizations to have the management of their sales, customer service, and communications across all the departments. SAP Commerce cloud allows organizations to have an Omni channel store, accomplished management tools, and system administration solutions to achieve a perfect customer experience.
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud: The use of SAP customer data cloud allows organizations to attract customers from various areas with its advanced transparency and data control techniques. SAP customer data cloud helps organizations to understand and predict customer behaviors by establishing trust and personal customer relationships. SAP customer data cloud provides other facilities such as tailored registration, selection management, and customer engagement with loyalty.
  • SAP Sales Cloud: SAP Sales Cloud is software that understands and fulfills the needs of the business sales team. With the use of Artificial intelligence, the SAP Sales cloud helps organizations to manage forecasting and store data collections. SAP Sales cloud enables sales performance management, sales survey, and predictive analysis with the use of valuable insights and smooth transition.
  • SAP Service Cloud: The main objective of SAP Service Cloud is to manage and look after the various service requests from the customers. SAP Service Cloud is an end-to-end service management solution that manages customer channels across every channel. The use of SAP Service Cloud also allows organizations to integrate various service cloud tools into a single platform.


SAP Customer Experience is one of the most impactful tools that can be used for enhancing customer service experience and managing all their queries. SAP Customer Experience plays a key role in the transformation of business processes, providing innovative solutions, and intelligent capabilities. Digital transformation nowadays is essential for every organization and SAP Customer Experience helps organizations to achieve it with an innovative customer-centric approach.