Most people today have an Instagram account. Those who do not have one are becoming increasingly rare. This is the reason why thinking about how to gain subscribers in high volume is interesting. Here is the easy way to get many Instagram followers.

Develop a thoughtful strategy

The first fundamental question to ask is the reason for creating your Instagram account. Clearly identifying the objectives to be achieved by having initially opened the account allows you to better orient your marketing maneuvers aimed at attracting subscribers.

Overall, public accounts aspire to three goals. Either increase sales, or increase traffic and finally, or improve its popularity by sharing as much guidance as possible. These goals are interrelated insofar as the traffic generates views and therefore potential buyers. As a result, the chances of making sales are increased. Ultimately, sales positively impact the brand or business reputation of the Instagram account.

Define the target audience

As part of the implementation of your sales techniques, targeting your audience is an important key success factor that you must think carefully about the risk of scattering unnecessarily. Indeed, the waste would be wasting time investing with users who show no appetite for what you put forward. We have practical tips to reassure you about your audience choices. As a rule, they revolve around the refined knowledge you need to have of your target through questions:

  • On average, my target audience is how old?
  • Where is it situated?
  • Are they people active in professional life? If so, they are in which branches of activity?
  • Are they active on Instagram?
  • How many times a day or a week do they go to Instagram?
  • And in what time slot are their accounts used the most?
  • What themes are their curiosity about? How can I get their attention?

How to get your first 100 Instagram followers: basic optimization

By reading the following paragraphs, you will discover the method to get there, step by step and without particular constraints:

  • Fill in the biography and profile

First, assign an image to your account then complete all the elements allowing you to best personalize your biography, especially the name of the account. Make sure that it does not exceed 30 symbols and includes a keyword related to the main message you want to get across at first. Then define your username. If you choose to standardize your usernames on all the platforms you are registered with on the web, people will spot you more easily.

To reinforce the assertion cited above, the biography, therefore, remains an essential element. With the 150 symbols authorized by the application, your priority will be to ensure that it is comprehensive and informative. The objective would be that the new visitor, whoever he is, captures at first glance what it is about. Mention of a link to a website can also make it easier for the visitor to understand.

  • Keep content consistent and develop your own Instagram style

By going to your account, Instagram users will macro gauge your account. Therefore, be careful about the presentation of your Instagram profile. What is important is to keep a certain regularity in the style of your content, that it be singular and impactful while remaining constant, and therefore not destabilizing for the public but different from other brands or competing companies.

How to get your first 1000 Instagram followers: content

There are definite ways to deliver content with better performance.

  • Publish at the right time

When a post runs is a critical issue because not all subscribers are in the same time zone. In addition, they are not all connected at the same time. Therefore, they will not see the station synchronously. However, the goal of being on a social network including Instagram, and it must be said, is to unite the public around a common subject. In order to overcome this lag, you must publish at a time that suits them, which will not necessarily be a time that suits you because it can be late at night for example.

  • Schedule Instagram posts

The chronology of the information disseminated keeps a very important place in order not to lose the coherence of your messages. The public needs to see a logic in your publications to stay glued to it, otherwise, they pick up. A content plan is a handy tool that you can use to plan each post daily. Indeed, be sure to define a daily or weekly theme and publish it at the right time.

  • Share images that people can relate to

Be empathetic to your audience. This will allow you to precisely identify their center of interest, their experience, and therefore, you can easily move them. What is immediately obvious when going to an account is the biography with the Instagram photos and the number of followers. The public quickly gets an idea of ​​the notoriety of your account. So, only share the great photos, the ones that are original and worked in order to stay enticing.

  • Write longer captions on your posts

Be careful, this is not about describing the photo with a banal sentence stuck on it. If before, this was done, it no longer has any real use nowadays. It is necessary to refer to the content plan which already defines the elements to be disseminated to subscribers.

  • Post more videos

As we know too well, Instagram is first and foremost an app known for its extraordinary visual content. In the long term, videos on Instagram are still on the rise. As their formats make them accessible to Internet users on their mobiles, they are quickly shared on websites and other social networks. The traffic growth amply accentuates this popularization.

  • Share more selfies

What is striking for a subscriber is also to discover the last person an account. The personification of an account reassures and reinforces the confidence in the authenticity and the credibility of the brand or the company in question. What could be better than photos then, since it is a question of showing these people to others.

  • Use popular and relevant hashtags

The use of hashtags contributes to the promotion of your brand since they guide people who have not yet subscribed to your account in finding content that you have shared and which would include the famous hashtag indicating your existence on the web.

  • Use a branded hashtag to build an Instagram community

Putting a hashtag around your brand, much like a signature, is a way of strengthening your visibility on the web. The public easily identifies what meets their needs and have the possibility of reaching out to other Internet users according to their similarity of interests.

  • Find hashtags that convert

The world of social networks is constantly evolving. A hashtag that is trending today may not be trending in a few weeks. So, stay up to date with the most popular hashtags in order to get more Instagram likes and reposts.