Digital marketing is tricky no matter what industry you are in or what area of the country you are trying to compete in. However, in an area as fiercely competitive as Chicago, you know you have to bring your A game if you want to grow as a business.

A skilled Chicago SEO company would be able to help you reach your business goals by creating a comprehensive marketing strategy for you that starts with search engine optimization. Such agencies are what you need to look into if you are serious about promoting your business organically.

How do you go about finding the right marketing company and what do you need to watch out for along the way? That’s what we’ll be covering in this guide.

What is SEO and Why Does Your Chicago Business Need It?

Before getting into the specifics on which SEO company to choose for your marketing plan, it might help to learn a little bit about what SEO actually is and why it’s essential for any Chicago-based business.

When users search for something they want to buy, most turn to Google. Yet, what is it that determines whether or not a business or online store will actually appear at the top of the first page for a given search term?

Google has hundreds of ranking factors that it considers in this process. Everything from the speed of a web page to its relevance to the search term being used is all factored in. Much of this relevance has to do with the keywords being used on the page and the actual meat of the content that is featured. Certain phrases and their placement in headings and meta titles are like signals to Google that lets the web crawlers know that this page is worth ranking.

What Google is ultimately looking for is whether or not a web page will actually provide a good experience for users. That’s the bottom line because at the end of the day that’s how Google maintains its reputation as the number one search engine. That’s also what keeps the lights on at Google HQ. So it is important for the Google algorithm to provide valuable search results back to users that actually meet their needs.

SEO is essentially the art of getting a web page to rank on Google. Due to the fact that so many web pages and companies are trying to target the same products and pages through similar means, and the fact that they all want to give their users a great experience, it means that certain keywords can be incredibly competitive.

When you add in the crowded nature of certain markets, such as bustling cities like Chicago, and you have a difficult mountain to climb. Without a reliable marketing strategy, it can be difficult if not impossible to actually rank on the first page of Google, even for the name of your own business in certain cases. Such instances can only be rectified through a comprehensive marketing campaign that is customized and attuned to your needs.

The Right Digital Marketing Strategy (Hint: It’s All About SEO)

You can approach marketing for your Chicago business in a number of different ways, but the foundation of your strategy should rest with SEO.

One of the reasons why this is so important is because unlike PPC, or paid advertising, there are no restricted industries. It doesn’t matter whether you sell luxury-quality kitchen knives, vape products, fur coats, cannabis edibles, gun supplies, or anything else. You can promote whatever you want organically, which makes SEO critical.

There’s also the local market to think about. When users in your city search for local services and products in the Chicago area, you want to be one of those eCommerce businesses with products that appear on the first page without having to shell out a ton of advertising revenue. That would mean investing in a Chicago SEO company that understands the local market and that has proven methods for getting websites to rank better.

A Chicago SEO Agency Known For Creating Solutions

If you are looking for a solutions-oriented SEO agency that serves the Chicago area, you need 1Digital®. They are a team of creative professionals that span the entire eCommerce industry, from design and development to search engine optimization, paid advertising, and even social media marketing. Recognized for their ability to grow eCommerce businesses through powerful marketing campaigns, they are exactly the team you need working on your store’s rankings.

No matter what obstacles you face as an online business, taking care of your SEO is an important part of the process. Contact 1Digital® today if you are interested in truly improving your business and getting found in the search engines. They are the best Chicago SEO company for providing holistic solutions that get results.