When you are given an assignment for writing, a certain number of pages or specific word count is required. Many students wonder how many pages should write. Page number depends on various things like font size and shape, margin, spacing, paragraph length, etc.  The purpose of word count is to include significant information on the topic in an organized structure. Commonly students are required to produce 1000, 1500, 2000, and 3000 words assignments.

Many students don’t have any idea to format the assignment in the proper word count. For this, students often take Assignment Help from the professional assignment helper to draft their assignment. These professionals have the experience to compose the assignment in the required word count with complete information on the topic.

Using an appropriate word count is essential while writing an academic essays assignment. Let’s know more about how many pages are required for a specific word count.

How many pages in 1000 word count?

The number of pages you will require to compose a specific amount of words depends on the mode of writing, it means you are writing on a page or typing on a computer or laptop. If you are composing your assignment through typing and using the Times New Roman 12pt font, one-inch margin, and 1.5 spacing then it may take three pages for 1000 words.

How many pages in 2000 word count?

If you are given the word limit of 2000 words and you are writing an A4 size page with single spacing, 12pt font size, and Times New Roman font style, then it would take four pages around to complete the given word count.

How many pages are in the 3000-word count?

When you are writing 3000 words essay or assignment on A4 size paper, it will take roughly 6 pages to complete the word counts. To keep word count in 6 pages you need to use a 1-inch standard margin, 12 pt font size, and Times New Roman or Arial font style.

How Students Can Maintain A Proper Word Count 

It is very difficult for students to maintain the given word counts. Due to a lack of proper understanding and knowledge, they often use irrelevant information and use the same sentences in a repeated way. There are some points are given that will help students to maintain a proper word count in assignment writing.

Include Relevant Arguments and Instances

Students should collect the most relevant information on the topic from different sources. Analyze the areas where relevant examples can be used to explain the information. Examples help the reader to understand the content and make your assignment more attractive. You need to avoid using repeated sentences in the assignment.

Make Statements More effective

While writing the assignment you are free to use the information from different points of view. Using proper format and sentence structure you can complete the particular word count of the assignment and can create an effective assignment.

Take Help from The Professional Assignment Helper

Writing assignments is not an easy task for students. To complete a proper word count, it is required to conduct in-depth research on the topic and organize information in a proper format. Looking for assignment help you can hire an assignment helper from a professional writing service. These experts are highly trained to draft any kind of assignment lie essay, thesis, etc.

They can provide a well-composed assignment in a given word count. They can provide plagiarism-free work for an assignment that helps students to acquire good grades in assignments. You can get round-the-clock support from the customer support team of service.