In today’s fast-paced digital milieu, people are always looking forward to quick communications. Thanks to instant messaging platforms that help people connect in a jiffy. It is for this reason that most of the businesses are now focusing on building an instant messaging platform for themselves. Are you planning the same? Well, with instant messaging API and SDK solutions, you can integrate advanced instant messaging features into your business platform.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the top instant messaging SDK providers that you can leverage for developing your business communication platform. Stay with us and read on!

How to Choose an Instant Messaging Solution for your business?

There are a plethora of third-party messaging SDK providers in the market. Selecting any instant messaging SDK should be a well-thought decision. To make the best pick, it is essential for you to perform your research well. First of all, you need to jot down your business communication requirements. Then you need to check as to which messaging API is able to cater to your requirements.

There are basic communication features that the SDK providers must offer. Some of them being audio/video calling, media sharing, privacy, and others. Once you’ve assessed all of these, you can go ahead with your decision. 

What are Instant Messaging APIs and SDKs?

Before starting the process of choosing your instant messaging SDK, it is crucial to comprehend its meaning in detail.  SDK stands for Software Development Kit and consists of a multitude of software development tools that help build an application. It can make your instant message communication easier, smoother, and faster!

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It consists of a set of programs that can be utilized to develop an application.  Messaging APIs help implement advanced messaging features into your application.

Why leverage SDK for Instant Messaging Apps?

The popularity of messaging APIs and SDKs is growing each day. Wondering about the reasons as to why you should get a messaging API and SDK for your business communication platform? Let us look at the top two advantages of utilizing messaging APIs and SDK.

  1. Quick integration of advanced messaging features

The best about messaging SDK and APIs is that they are easy and quick to integrate into your communication platform.  Most of them come with highly advanced in-built features and can meet your business communication requirements. Building a messaging app from scratch can consume a lot of time. This is where API and SDK come into play. They can help you set up your messaging application without any hassles.

  1. Easy on the pockets

Buying messaging SDK won’t burn holes in your pockets. Building messaging apps right from the ground can incur a lot of additional costs like infrastructure set up, personnel salaries, and a lot more. On the other hand, opting for a messaging SDK can help you get advanced messaging features into your application within a reasonable amount.

Best Features to look for while choosing your Instant Messaging SDK

To stand out of the competitive clutter, it is important to beef up your communication strategies with the most advanced features. Before finalizing your messaging SDK, make sure to check out the 6 best features that make for the best instant messaging app solution.

  1. One-on-one messaging and group chats

An efficient messaging SDK provider is one that can offer quick personal one-on-one conversation between two people or group chats involving multiple participants.

  1. Media sharing

Multimedia support is one of the top most features of any efficient messaging app. make sure that the SDK you choose allows file share, image exchange, video share, and others. Media share is one important function that you should certainly have in your business communication application for ensuring smoother audience interactions.

  1. Audio/Video calling

This is one of the most basic features that you should look for in your messaging SDK. Make sure it provides real-time audio and video chat solutions and ensure smoother communications.

  1. Secure Instant Messaging Solution

Privacy is one of the most crucial priorities of the audience these days. A well-structured messaging SDK is always protected with end-to-end encryption. Make  sure to choose a secure and safe chat solution for your business.

  1. Chat history feature

Chat history helps you assess your business conversations and identify the areas that fall under the scope of improvement. This feature is one good way to save all your audiences’ feedback and responses.

  1. Push notification function

Push notification feature helps you and your audience stay updated about your interactions. You can send pop up notifications, irrespective of the fact whether the recipient is active or not.

How choosing the right Instant Messaging API and SDK is beneficial for you?

It is highly essential to chalk out your communication goals before selecting your Chat SDK provider. This way, you are headed in the right direction. Let us have a look at some of the points that highlight the relevance of SDKs.

  1. 360° business chat solution 

An efficient SDK comes with a multitude of advanced features that can fulfill all your communication requirements. From a secure instant messaging solution, audio/video calling feature to media share  – SDKs have got it all covered. Maybe, you can perform a free trial before finalizing any SDK provider.

  1. Affordable communication solution

Getting SDK and API for your communication platform is far more affordable than building an application from scratch. You can opt for customized SDK and APIs as per your business requirement.  Investing only in the features that you require is always a good idea and helps you cut unnecessary costs.

  1. Tech assistance 

Make sure that the API provider fixes the API before integrating the chat features.  This gives way to clear and smooth communication without any technical hindrance. Hence, to get the best output, look for SDK providers that offer tech support.

Popular Instant Messaging SDK providers for Android, iOS Apps

Given the competitive digital world, almost all businesses are boosting their virtual communication strategies. Hence, there has been a growth in demand for third-party SDK providers. Let’s take a close look at some of them.

1.CONTUS MirrorFly

MirrorFly is a self-hosted API and messaging SDK that helps build a real-time chat app for iOS, Android, and web platforms. It supports  1-to-1 Private & Group Chat, File & Screen Sharing, Push Notifications, Cross-Platform Messaging, and others. MirrorFly has enabled around 1B+ conversations. It is the #1 enterprise communication solution that can be leveraged by diverse industries. 


  • 150+ modern messaging features
  • 100% customizable
  • On cloud/on-premises
  • End-to-end encryption
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Chat analytics

 2. Apphitect

It is a multi-faceted chat API and messaging SDK that supports instant messaging apps. It enables you to communicate in real-time with your customers. Apphitect is easy to integrate into your chat platforms. It offers multilingual translation features.


  • Customized in-app messaging solutions
  • Multimedia sharing
  • Completely secured
  • Reliable and scalable
  • Unlimited cloud storage

 3. Talkjs

Developer-friendly API with pre-built UI for web and mobile apps.  It can work seamlessly with any framework or programming language.  Moreover, TalkJS enables sms, push, and desktop notifications.


  • Real-time messaging
  • Customizable design
  • Message moderation
  • Analytics
  • Mask contact information

 4. Messagebird

Highly efficient Omni channel communication platform.  It is an instant messaging SDK that comes with. 2 factors authentication via SMS codes. Message Bird is utilized by various industries like healthcare, ecommerce, logistics, insurance, and many others.


  • Multi-faceted authentication
  • FAQ chatbots
  • Video scheduling
  • Push notification

 5. PubNub

Hosted real-time APIs that  help build engaging remote experiences.  It is highly scalable, secure, and reliable.  It offers real time communication embedded with business logic.


  • Push notification
  • Language translation
  • Chatbots
  • In-app alerts
  • Unread messages counts
  • Typing indicators

An efficient communication strategy can help you win more customers in present virtual times.  Thanks to instant messaging SDK and APIs that you can easily integrate modern age chat features into your Android, iOS, and web applications. What are you waiting for? Level up your communication game with instant messaging today.