Smart devices have seen exceptional growth from time to time. In addition, the developer never stops making better versions of mobile phones. It’s not an easy task to develop an app for mobile phones. You Must be thinking how?

Because applications have to become a reason for humans to do tasks in the most accessible ways, it helps them do their tasks in minutes, which used to take hours in previous times.

Meanwhile, it is not beneficial for humans only. It has become an excellent ground for the big tech companies and business companies to earn a lot of money from the application business.

Not only, but you also require the expertise of a professional developer. But. For a successful app, it is also essential to invest time in the development. So, develop an idea of what kind of applications a client requires.

Above all, Mobile app development in Florida has been achieving heights in the area of app development. Moreover, the reason is app developers keep coming with the latest technologies in the building of app.

Before diving into the development process, there are some apps available on the Android store which can be vital for you to understand how you can have an open-source app for Android.

Meanwhile, the app which you have in your mind will be different. Fixed with more articulate, fix up with some brilliant features and functionalities. So, it’s better to look into those apps which are on earth to learn. What track did they follow, and how did they become one of the successful apps of the time?

In this article, you will grasp the idea of how they manage to build a perfect app.


The telegram software can be access for free—moreover, it is an open-source platform cloud-based instant messaging software. By joining up the latest trend, it has an end to end encrypted video calling. It was launched for Android in October 2013. Further, it allows the users to have encrypted audio and video calls—complete protection of the user’s data. The users of Telegram can do multiple activities on Telegram. Likewise, they can send messages, video and audio both. Furthermore, they can do video and audio calls as well.

Moreover, they have the ease of sending hundreds of images, can share their locations. As a result, Telegram got a tremendous amount of growth in the means of users in the past few years.

Firefox Browser

The Firefox browser is one of the most famous browsers. It becomes one of the go-to browsers for people. If you are a tech one, you must have used the Firefox browser in your life. It’s a free, open-source web browser build by the Mozilla foundation. This browser has the features of tabbed browsing. You can also maximize the screen, have a feature of checking the spelling, have access to smartbooks, secure browsing, the feature of screenshots, and much more.

Meanwhile, the user can add the functionality by their choice as well. For example, the browser themes can change by installing some new ones. Moreover, the extension features give the user the right to add other applications as well. For instance, games, screen recording, block advertisements, and apps the user wants to add as per their wants.

Most importantly, it gives an immense secure environment to the user for browsing.

Signal private messenger

Similarly, like other platforms, Signal private messenger is an open-source, cross-platform cipher instant messaging app. This instant messaging app was built by Signal technology foundation and Signal messenger LLC. Moreover, the user has the opportunity of having one on one and group conversations, including audio, voice, images, and videos. Meanwhile, the Android version can work as only an SMS app.

Above all, keeping it a secure app, Signal private messenger registers the numbers already saved in your phonebook. Similarly, it secures all messaging channels with the encrypted feature.

VLC for Android

The famous VLC platform is known as VideoLan Client. It’s a free, open-source, portable, cross-platform media player software and streaming media services to build by the VideoLan project. Moreover, people access it as free for desktop systems and smartphones with the Android platform. Similarly, it has a diverse approach, supports different formats of audio and video files. It can run DVD video, video VCD, and other streaming protocols.

The zoom feature of Vlc enhances and unified the experience of users. In addition, there is a lot of elements of VlC which make the user experience more exceptional. However, VLC is cross-platform with numerous versions for different operating systems. Likewise, Widows, Android, IOS, and much more.


The Kodi media player is a free, open-source platform. XBMC Foundation developed it. Moreover, it can be accessed for multiple operating systems and television, and different remote controls. Finally, it allows exceptional video quality when streaming online videos, music, podcast, and much more.

However, sometimes it is called multi-platform home theatre. An individual can do modification as well. The updated version of this tool has a video recorder for recording the live streaming video. So, users can easily watch it later.

Open Camera

This Android tool is open-source, readily available for Android and tablets. In addition, it submerges with some great features. Likewise, it automatically balances your pictures, gives some mesmerizing effects and filters to make your photographs more aesthetic and beautiful. One of the key features of an open camera is, it supports the device remotes. In addition, the latest version of the Open camera has features of capturing pictures with voice commands, geotagging, and much more.

Above all, it’s a tool to go with.

Pixel Dungeon

The Pixel Dungeon is a conventional rogue-like game. The interface of Pixel Dungeon is user-friendly and much easy to grasp. Meanwhile, Watabou built that, and the idea was taken, or you say it was influenced by brogue. Moreover, it is available on multiple operating systems. The pixel dungeon is open-source. At starting it has usual features, but with time it keeps coming up with the updated versions. They keep coming up with the newest versions of it.

Orbot Tor for Android

The Orbot tor is a free software proxy server; it helps users to hide their digital identities. With the help of orbot, users can access those websites that remain in the government’s eyes. In addition, it masks your IP address and makes your network an unnamed one. So, no one can recognize your network.


An application for Android and IOS allows users to have access to navigation. Osmand stands for open street map automated navigation directions. Although this map tool is available free, some app features are only accessible after paying for it. In addition, a user has access to offline maps.

Moreover, there are some exceptional features of Osmand. For instance, a feature of routing, visual, and guidance through voice for all types of vehicles even gives you information about pedestrians. However, the main point is, the essential features are for free.

Simple Mobile Tools

A simple mobile tool is a collection of open-source with modified devices. You can access it without getting irrelevant ads from time to time with ads. Moreover, the modification purpose was done to provide some user-friendliness surroundings to the user. It is also known as a collection of easy and quick to go with tools—the app offers a music player, flashlights, a calendar, notes, and much more.

In conclusion, the article is enlightening you with ten open-source apps for Android. These tools can become your new favorite tools. However, with time the apps and tools are keep coming up with updated versions. So, you can hire advanced language like python app developers to shape your future app on Android.