A Facebook ad works. Point. Yet we often hear that people are a bit disappointed with the performance of their Facebook ad. In most cases this is not due to the possibilities that the social channel has to offer, but mainly to the approach that is used. Fortunately, it is quite easy to optimize your Facebook ad.

Optimizing Facebook Ads… Good Idea! By optimizing you ensure an increasingly better effect of your advertisements on this social channel. But somewhere, you have to Buy Facebook Page Likes Australia to grow more faster and easier. We give you insight into 4 ways to optimize your Facebook ad.

1. A/B test your ads

Split tests (or A/B tests) play two or more nearly identical ads simultaneously. However, you change several variables such as description, image, title, etc. to see which one performs best. Basically, you create variations of your ad to see which performs best. Test your ads, your target audience and your ad sizes multiple times. No matter how well you know your target audience, no one knows exactly what the target audience is responding to. Facebook has an integrated testing system for setting up simple A/B tests. A split test can be set up for almost any campaign goal. Just click ‘Create split test’ when creating a campaign.

2. Try different ad formats

What sets Facebook apart from other advertising platforms is the variety of different formats. The freedom advertisers have to customize their ads opens up seemingly limitless opportunities for creative, engaging ads. Try some new ad formats to see which one best suits your needs. Compared to other formats on Facebook, carousel ads are characterized by a lower cost per conversion and CPC. This format can be used very well to present products and tell stories. Video content may outperform text or image-based content, especially on Facebook, where users spend a lot of time interacting with videos. The video format is a great way to get attention while explaining and introducing the product. There are more options, such as lead ads, that you can try.

3. Create separate campaigns for different placements

If you create ads on Facebook, all placements are automatically activated. While this is helpful, it can have a negative effect on your ad results. It is better to create separate campaigns for different placements. Stylistically, the ad placement options on Facebook are completely different and perform completely different functions. Separating Facebook and Instagram is always advisable. Both networks differ not only in the type of messages, but also in the user behavior. While Instagram feed posts should work with strong image-heavy ads and hashtags, you can play more with texts and links in the Facebook feed. One of the biggest mistakes is that ads in the right column are too long and cut short. Create separate ads in your own campaigns for different placements. Your ad spend is therefore often more effective.

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4. Dayparting – Plan your ads

Careful planning can help you optimize your campaigns by showing your ads at peak times when people are likely to click. This is known as ‘dayparting’ and allows you to choose the exact days and times you want your ads to run. Suppose you notice that while your target audience is always interacting with your ads, they only convert during the day during the week. This is where it can be helpful to run your campaigns at these specific times. You will find these settings at the ad group level under “Budget & Planning”, but only if you select the option “Runtime budget”.

Get more out of your Facebook ads

Are your Facebook ads not running as well as you would like? Then it is useful to check everything once. Always keep measuring, so that you know exactly how you can continue to improve.