Android is a complete set of software used to operate in a mobile system. It is the modified Linux kernel version. Widely used in many devices like mobiles, tablets, and others. This is open-source software designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices. The source code of this Android is known as the android open source project, and this is licensed under Apache license. Most of this android device has some preinstalled features like google mobile services, and this services mainly include apps like chrome, google play store and more other apps. More than 80 percent of smartphones are based on Android, which is because of their open-source nature. Anyone can use it free of cost.

Android training helps a programmer to enhance their skills on this android platform. This training also gives theoretical as well as practical knowledge to a beginner. This helps you to build a mobile application of your own.  CBitss is helping you to complete your android training.

At the end of this training, you will be able to build your application, and you will have an idea about android development. You can also launch your apps in the google play store. As part of this, you will be able to customize or create any widgets. You will have a better understanding of basic android tools and their development process. You will have the ability to create the app using third-party tools. Also, you will be able to integrate your mobile application like Facebook, dropbox into your existing android application. You will have the ability to create web applications using your current location, and you can create an interactive application using video and audio features.

These are some benefits of Android training:

  • High user base:the android system is hugely growing in the market, so its chances of development are high in this field. It has a strong and huge base compare to other operating system.
  • No license fee: it is an open system, so no need to pay a license fee for this. You can download it for free of cost and can start using it, or you can develop or expand any app on your device.
  • Flexibility:it has high flexibility as compare to other types. This is also suitable for maximum devices, and that is why mostly preferred. It has no developmental condition like other IOS types.
  • Cross-platform compatibility:it gives a chance to the developers to make a connection with another platform. It gives a scope to the developer.
  • Earning potential high:android developers are hired in a high salary package. Developers can work on this platform as a developmental team or work from home to create their applications. For this, they get more money.
  • Android developer’s demand is high:as this field is increasing its base daily, developers’ demand for this is also increasing. Large firms or companies of mobile and software also use AndroidAndroid in their devices, which increases the demand for android developers. Android Developers get good monthly package as compare to the system developer
  • Easy Accessibility:this does not require many things to access. A developer with good internet quality is just enough to access this. With a good internet connection, anyone can access that from any place.

These are some features of AndroidAndroid:

  • Android earthquake alert system:this alert system in AndroidAndroid helps detect earthquake-prone areas. With this system-affected area, people can get an idea about the earthquake.
  • Perfect emoji at the perfect time: one of the best Android features is that you can get your emoji just by typing a message. In this system, your application will suggest an emoji similar to your message, which saves your time. No need to waste your time to find an emoji.
  • Access your favorite app just by voice: you can easily access your app through google assistant available in the android system. You can get your app just by voice command.
  • More customization:you can customize your app through this like you can launch screen directly from your phone and also you can change it to light or dark mode.
  • Password pattern improved:a new feature in the android system that you can log in or access your phone just by a voice note. Your system will read your voice first and will act according to that. This enhanced the password input, and this makes security stronger compare to other systems.

Components of AndroidAndroid:

Activities: every app has its different activities, and they work independently from each other. One can also do many activities in a single app. Suppose in a messenger app you can text a message to them, or you can send a picture, or you can send voice notes. All these activities are not interconnected to each other, and you can do them separately.

Service: service is like an invisible worker that works on the background of your device. This helps in updating your resources and also in your activities. This works even if your application is not inactive state. For example, while listening to music, you can surf anything on the internet.

Content provider: is a component on the android system in which you can share data with multiple applications. It isn’t easy to access data without a content provider.

Broadcast receiver: it is a component that helps in responding to any broadcast message from other applications. Also, deliver a message to the application that is not inactive state. E.g., notification of battery low in your device is a system of this.

Widgets are the important components of the android system. There are different types of widgets available in the android system like information widgets (clock, time, and weather forecast), collection widgets (music widgets, picture widgets, etc.), control widgets, hybrid widgets, and many more.

Easy to access, low cost., open-source, no license fee. This makes the android system different from others. All google services are mostly running in this one android operating system. That is why its demand is also high in the market. Now it is the best operating system in the market still there is more to develop. To get knowledge in this Android training in Chandigarh by CBitss is best for it.