Technology has driven through many phases, since the beginning, it is only getting modified and expanded. It is witnessed that the technology went through several phases of the revolution, and one of its latest yet major revolutions is Information and Communication technology. This revolution erupted the whole nature between everything old and new. Because of the evaluation of this technology, the demand for this has increased and as a result, it is now the most used and important resource that has led to the elaboration of interests into new information and communication by every individual.

In the past decades, there was a vast revolution in the development of gadgets and communication and that is what indicates technological progress and the continuation of information technology. The use of new information technology is forecasting the decline of communication costs which are rapidly leading to technological improvements and increased competition. Since the advancements are providing significant opportunities at the same time alarming you with certain major challenges. Today, information technology is found with a wide range of innovations that affect numerous domains of society. The policymakers are ceaselessly working on the issues concerning economic productivity, intellectual property rights, privacy protection, and affordability of and access to information. Any decision made today regarding the new information technology that is already revolving in the society with millions of users will have long-lasting social and economic impacts, and so certain attention must be paid to it.

Today, the world is evolving around the need for information facilities in terms of quantity and as well as quality to make a decision based on the dynamic changes of the enterprises’ environment. This indicates the growing importance of information technology and its satisfying abilities for the enterprises’ information. This determines the importance of developing these technological systems and understanding how superior it is to increase the system’s effectiveness and efficiency. One of the best reasons for the success of these systems is their dependency on the technology that has done its best in reducing access costs.

The world today has become a better place, though it seems so small to live in. Thanks to the Information Technology experts. The transmission process of communication has become easy and so fast that it has connected every mile of the world. It has greatly affected human life and brought everyone so close that miles could be covered in seconds. It would be better to say, technology is the king and it is who, ruling the world! The world is entirely dependent on it knowing the technology carries enough risks, the amount of prosperity it brought to this world. That leads us to think deeply about the consequences of using information technology. What are its effects on daily life and what impacts of information technology on society will have in the new century, economically, politically, and socially?

Cloud Computing


Information Technology (IT) will require teachers to learn a new set of skills to teach. Learning the use of computer technology will improve the educational experience for students and also help teachers to teach in better ways. Several resources are already available on social media and other platforms on the internet. Therefore, the software programs help teachers to think broadly and systematically. They get new ideas and better material to produce. The Internet provides a great expansion in coverage and better delivery of knowledge. Text can be alternate to audio and videos and students can interact with their teachers through e-mail and discussion groups. These technical improvements concur with the general skilling and training for those who cannot attend the traditional courses.


Internet and mobile devices combinedly straining out the psychological and physical issues of the people, they contribute to curing serious health problems and allow you to consult an expert for serious health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. Though, developments in technology have made patient records efficient and effective. It will enhance the quality of human and doctor interactions.

Sciences and technology are the oldest friends that help each other to build and advance. Scientific knowledge is used to develop technologies and so often new technologies help science to explore and experiment. The more development in Information technology will be, means there is more to explore and experiment in science.


Technology has always helped a country to grow big. Right now, the world economy is in the progression of transformation. The Internet, social media, and mobile technology are already innovating thousands of startups and providing job opportunities. It is witnessed that big technology is transforming societies together with business and the economy. In society, every industry will be highly affected by these information technologies, businesses will become entirely connected through Cloud, social media, and Big Data that have redrawn the landscape globally. The most important thing here is, technology is reducing the consequences of distances. This way firms can easily outsource their manufacturing and rely on telecommunications to do marketing.


Technology means power. Information Technology plays a decisive role in politics. They are being widely used in electoral campaigns to know about public views and opinions, but especially to bring youth towards the matters of politics. Information technology is widely used in the growth of the political individual. The more fame each one of those gets on social media, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; replicate the more power they hold within their people. Social media is a powerful medium for communication and easily influences one’s position. Information Technology, politically, is advantageous for the people and the government as well. People can share their opinions and views publicly and politicians can build an image for themselves after portraying what good they provide to people, anytime from anywhere.


Since this pandemic, we have become more socialized than we were before. Earlier we were only concerned with the people that surround us in our workplace or we have met the people in our family and neighborhood. But now everything is on the internet and because of Information Technology. We, humans, have organized our work, communities, and time around this technology. Life has become uncomplicated and complicated together. Around after 100 years, societies will only be connected through technology and pandemic has already made people into the practice.