In general, a non-technical person is not sure about the use of APIs for website development, although there does not exist any coding in creating a traditional website like that of a WordPress website. But if you realize, plugins are third-party services just like APIs that are used to add some extra features to the websites like for SEO, you add a plugin to your website, for a form on the contact us page, you use a plugin to fetch data from user input. All these are actually APIs but for a user, it’s a plugin.

Some of Headless WordPress Themes are internal APIs powering our varied services, whereas others are external APIs like our payments systems or authentication service. Each from internal and third-party sources. Of course, we have a tendency to use our own API analytics on our own API, however, we have a tendency to additionally use several different tools, several of them free. We have a tendency to think we’d share a number of the simplest ones we actually likable and use typically whereas developing and dealing with genus APIs. whereas this post focuses on the development, expect a follow-up post on the simplest tools for delivering reliable genus APIs in production.

APIs for Headless WordPress  Themes

Specifically, the WordPress REST API permits you to attach your WordPress website with external applications. This implies you’ll develop a mobile app exploiting any artificial language, and use the WordPress REST API to fetch knowledge from WordPress.

  • Get associate API Key for the remainder API.
  • Create a toddler theme.
  • Create a custom page template.
  • Integrate the API into your page template.
  • Add a replacement page exploitation your new page templet.

Difference between REST APIs and GraphQL APIs

GraphQL solves each over-fetching and under-fetching problem by permitting the consumer to request solely the required information; Since the consumer currently has a lot of freedom within the fetched data, development is far quicker with GraphQL than what it might be with REST. In REST, the resources’ size is outlined by the server.

REST and GraphQL square measure 2 API style approaches that fulfill an equivalent function: information transmission via net protocols like HTTP. However, however they are doing therefore varies considerably. GraphQL may be a command language.

GraphQL is an alternative to REST for developing genus Apis, not a replacement. this can be simple to implement; there square measure several JSON API libraries in several languages. It’s an associate degree open protocol that permits you to form and consume IQueryable and practical reposeful genus Apis in an exceedingly easy and commonplace approach.

Sending API Requests from headless WordPress CMS

Most web developers can get to send API requests for one purpose or another. whether or not you are a mobile app developer testing requests against a backside or developing and running your own service. Sure, you may simply fire off a GET request by golf-stroke the URL directly within the browser, however, browsers will get within the method via native caching therefore you actually don’t grasp what’s touching your server. Additionally, browsers have tight security policies that forestall dynamic things just like the Origin header or limits on URL size.


One of the foremost widespread communications protocol purchasers is a deliverer. it’s a really stunning graphical user interface and extremely simple to use regardless if you’re simply beginning out with REST APIs. A history of past calls is held on therefore you’ll quickly reissue it. Deliverer even includes some nice touches like automotive vehicle finishing commonplace communications protocol headers and supporting and rendering a spread of payloads from JSON, to HTML, to even multipart.

URL permalink

If you like instruction-based mostly tools, cURL is incredibly fast. cURL is enclosed in most distributions that make it a handy tool for anyone SSHing into remote hosts without fear regarding putting in custom tools. Given cURL’s widespread installation base, you’ll build scripts for testing and readying keen about cURL while not worrying about being bolted into one merchant.

Capturing Requests from Static frontend

Capturing API requests from non-web apps may be difficult since you don’t have the luxury of browser developer tools to examine API calls (not together with further orchestration). several of the solutions need the utilization of a reverse or forward proxy which might intercept and record the HTTP traffic.

API AnalyticsPermalink

API log analysis and analytics service that additionally includes a free arrangement. APIs permit you to tail live API traffic in the period from your own or third-party arthropod genus and provide you deep visibility into what’s happening over. APIs connect with different tools like carriers to replay any API decision. on the far side simply API logs analysis and debugging, APIs provide product insights that tell you ways your best customers use your API.It’s an associate degree open protocol that permits you to form and consume iqueryable and practical reposeful genus Apis in an exceedingly easy and commonplace approach.


The proxy may be an extremely popular free tool, however, it’s’ not hosted within the cloud. You’ll get to install the code and install and run it on your own machine. Proxy works by routing all of your native machines traffic through it as an HTTP proxy. you’ll additionally open up a port on your pc and put together your iPhone or mechanical man device to route its traffic. simply keep in mind to disable the proxy in your smartphone’s settings after you stop.If you’re simply beginning out with REST APIs. A history of past calls is held on therefore you’ll quickly reissue it.

Otherwise, your phone won’t be ready to connect with the web. as a result of all net traffic being routed, you’ll leverage filters to solely record requests to a selected domain or host. read Configuring for a lot of data. SSL certificates will cause extra complications because the proxy would want to be a man-in-the-middle and break the SSL tunnel. you may install the SSL certificate on your device.