The new generation of techie kids, in the age of social media usage, gives a tough time to parents in their safe upbringing. The internet is accessible almost everywhere at a touch of some buttons and the vulnerability of kids to get exposed to questionable material has increased. It has now become important for parents to know how their children are using the internet and what is going on in their phones. While it is difficult to deprive children of their necessary usage of internet as it can limit their learning and freedom, tracking apps can serve as a suitable option for parents to provide independence to children as well as subject their internet activity to scrutiny. The introduction and availability of different apps have made it easy for parents to keep their children safe by enabling them to check their social media usage and internet activity.

Giving digital freedom and online access to children often appears as a challenge for parents as blocking their online activity can affect their ability to learn and develop. On the other hand, without any sort of surveillance on their online activity might result in exposing children to online threats, cyber security, and excessive screen time and internet addiction. That is, perhaps, the reason that experts say parents should install robust security software with parental controls on all the devices that are under use of their children so that they can navigate the digital world in a safer manner. Just as parents teach their children to stay away from strangers who lure them as they can potentially harm them, these tracking apps will also equip them with the understanding that it is vital to protect oneself from online threats and content that may seem attractive but might go out of one’s hands and can be a cause of danger.

TheOneSpy Spy app for Android or iOS

Now, one needs to know what kind of features these apps provide through which parents can control the online activity of their children.

Parents usually download parental control apps onto the child’s mobile phone or any other tech device he is using. This could be a best hidden spy app for Android or iOS provides parents insight to keep under surveillance all the online activity of their child as to see that which sites their child normally uses and for how long. Moreover, the apps also inform parents about the regular interaction of their child with whosoever he meets online and chats with.

Some apps, for example ‘Qustudio’, helps parents to keep their children safer from cyber threats by omitting and reducing inappropriate content, monitoring text messages and restricting his screen time activity. Similarly, ‘Mamabear’, offers a variety of services to make parents know the exact location of their kids, inspect their social media accounts and oversee any incoming and outgoing text messages.

Time for Action

Another important issue that parents face is when their child uses some apps, especially game apps excessively, and wastes their time. This not only affects their learning time but also leaves a negative impact on his physical health. It is necessary to prevent the excessive usage of apps in a manner that the child spends their time using an app but does not over-exceed the time limit prescribed for mobile usage. ‘Boomerang’ is tailor-made to tackle this issue and enables parents to set time limits per day, per app so that the child never gets time to use all apps simultaneously and excessively.

Through tracking apps, parents are able to learn about their child’s activities and interactions more profoundly. It is now easy for parents to oversee how their child gets access to different vulnerable contents and how much they spend using the internet. The objectionable material that can spoil the brain of their child can now be conveniently traced in some minutes using the apps. Equipped with plethora of features, parents can easily make use of such apps in order to devise comprehensive and reasonable screen time rules at a touch and block the apps that they find dangerous to use. There are also such apps that enable parents to monitor the browsing history of their child and make Google or other search engines to filter out the information used by their child. Tracking apps come as a remedy for parents who are worried about their children who are glued to the electronic devices and waste their time, health and energy.

Stay Alert

Using some apps, whether it is a spy app for Android or iOS, or other kinds of applications, parents can also receive various alert messages on their phones with important warnings like their kids are using some susceptible sites and blocked YouTube videos. It also informs them through alerts that their child has installed an unknown app that might not be safe to use. In such manner, parents never miss any of their child’s online activity that can lure him to online threats and danger.

With all its advanced features, a tracking app can provide a perfect way to keep track of needs of kids while protecting them from online danger. These apps come with a lot of varieties, each serving itself as per the requirements of parents to shape the online freedom of their children. In this fast integration of internet in the lives of children, filtering unnecessary information and making kids use the internet with right amount of freedom have become the ultimate concern of their parents that can be easily fulfilled by making the best use of tracking apps.