Almost every business owner wants a successful app in order to thrive in the competitive world. Many entrepreneurs (like you) search for the latest technology and framework to stay ahead of the curve. 

Competitive advantage significantly boosts a company to become a market leader. An open-source framework like Flutter helps in achieving the same. 

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to one of the well-known cross-platform frameworks- ‘Flutter’ and reasons to choose it. 

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source cross-platform framework developed by Google. It creates a mobile application using a software development kit (SDK). 

Flutter is one of the popular cross-platforms incorporated with features like hot reload, single codebase, and many more. 42% of the software developers are already leveraging the features of Flutter and giving a competitive edge. 

The Flutter framework has many more features that include fast performance, advanced UI, routing mechanism, supports federated plugins, etc.

Consider hiring a trusted Flutter app development company if you’re also thinking of building a Flutter-based app. 

Top 8 Advantages of Flutter 

Single Codebase

You don’t have to write codes for Android and iOS separately if you’re using Flutter because this framework supports a single codebase. 

The code reusability feature in Flutter results in a quick app development process. Apart from it, Flutter’s single codebase results in higher productivity as the code can be used for iOS and Android platforms in one go. 

In short, if you want a quick application for your business, Flutter is the right pick.

Quicker Development Time

As mentioned above, Flutter has a single codebase feature that results in a quick app development process. The hot reload feature available in the Flutter framework makes the changes in the code visible, and within seconds, the changed code is reloaded while the app is still running. 

The quick app development time further leads to faster app marketing that profits the well-established business and benefits the startups for releasing a new app for a continuous existence. 


Flutter is cost-effective because business owners have to hire only one development team, who will develop an application for both platforms using a single code. This cross-platform framework has customized widgets that develop natively-compiled applications and deliver an excellent user experience. 

Simply put, you need a single Flutter development team for building and managing your mobile app. Hence, the overall Flutter-based mobile app development cost is affordable with shortened development time.

Hot Reload Feature

One of the unique features of Flutter is Hot Reload, which helps in creating alluring app designs at a faster rate. The Hot Reload feature in Flutter allows viewing the effects on the app immediately without any delay. 

In other words, Flutter’s Hot Reload feature quickly experiments with user interfaces and builds them accordingly by adding useful features and eliminating the risk of errors. The Hot Reload feature of Flutter functions after injecting the updated source code files into running Dart Virtual Machine (VM).

Customizable Advanced UI

It is imperative to create an engaging user interface to lure users, and in this type of case, Flutter is the best framework to choose. This cross-platform framework has a graphic engine called- Skia. 

The search engine has a wide range of tools that helps in creating aesthetically-pleasing applications. Moreover, you’ll only need a single design that will fit on both iOS and Android. The Flutter framework has a wide range of tools and widgets, making the app’s user interface more expressive and flexible.

Improved User Experience

Flutter gains market share by providing seamless UI/UX features with robust design elements. Mobile applications can be developed using a uniform object model with ready-made widgets.

Flutter integrates a powerful SDK that enables the creation of stunning cross-platform apps. This software development kit includes many features, such as smooth typography, padding widgets for maintaining white space, and recognizing icons. 

As a whole, Flutter provides a flawless and glitch-free user experience with outstanding UI/UX capabilities.

Perfect Choice for MVP

It’s ideal for a minimum viable product (MVP), as it exhibits mobile app functionality across multiple platforms without additional cost. With Flutter, startups or established companies can integrate their MVP.

The idea behind integrating MVP into Flutter is to demonstrate the application’s basic vision, provide feedback on the features offered and conduct market research.

Flutter has the following advantages for creating a minimum viable product:

  • Supports multiple IDEs, etc.
  • Directs Firebase integration, 
  • Streamlines the app development process 
  • App development that is cost-effective

Easy Maintenance

The release of the application is only the beginning. Further, maintaining the application can be more difficult, time-consuming, and financially unprofitable than building the finished product directly. Also, Flutter’s apps address this problem: 

Fixing bugs and adding features to an app is quick and easy. In addition, if you need to add a new member to your team, no problems arise since you need only one specialist for each operating system instead of two.

Another undeniable Flutter advantage is the availability of plugins and widgets. Customizability, flexibility, and scalability of the SDK allow you to change the functionality without coding easily.

Final Thoughts

The Flutter framework has gained immense popularity and recognition in the mobile app development industry throughout the last few years. 

As a flutter app development company, it is evident that Flutter is a good choice for app development. 

While planning from the perspective of an individual using Flutter, it is ideal to wait for the latest updated versions to get through to your solutions.