SMS Marketing has been a phenomenon, especially while Covid-19. But there are many misconceptions regarding SMS marketing. Most of the firms have prevented themselves from adopting it. But do you know how SMS has drastically improved marketing within every industry? Maybe debunking a few of the myths can make a few companies more satisfied to integrate SMS marketing in their marketing strategies?

1. SMS can’t perform

Many people think that email doesn’t reach consumers with a good message. But if you got anyone’s email address, you could easily send messages to them whenever you need and segment it depending on the previous actions and demographics.

The difficulty with the email is that it doesn’t always open. If firms are fortune, they get a 10% – 20% open rate, unlike the open rates of the text message, which are now at 98% with a good average CTR of 45%. Emails hardly get an average click-through rate of 6 – 7%. So, you can learn from it that a marketing campaign can do well if it’s seen. You need your SMS to be viewed, then texting is the best option.

2. People don’t prefer to get texts.

An opt-in service’s main point and the rule is that you need people’s permission before sending the messages. If they thought of receiving SMS from your firm, that tells us that they like to read and hear from you. Obtaining your consumer’s consent is inevitable, as legislation securing people’s privacy deters abuse in the sphere.

So, it’s unfair to utilize any automated dialers for sending texts to the phone numbers randomly. People who believe that investments in SMS are a pure risk don’t worry about that. It’s not that tough to begin the SMS campaign lawfully. These are the guidelines to follow before you utilize your marketing arsenal for publicity, get confirmation from people, then tell about the content and frequency you are likely to see on SMS before, along with an opt-out option.

3. SMS is complicated.

People think that managing and setting up the SMS marketing campaign is very entangled. However, it is a very simple process if picked the right SMS Gateway and features.

Features as an autoresponder, conversations, schedules are a simple-to-use interface that is a must-have while utilizing SMS marketing. When using a perfect SMS marketing channel, these features are simple to discover, so pick the best SMS gateway.

4. SMS marketing needs expensive software and app

You could always opt for a fancy software program for handling the text marketing process. But it is not a law to begin or run the campaigns. If you got a small subscribers list, you could attack or send messages & responses through CRM tools or simple spreadsheets.

Another great thing about SMS marketing is that few services offer free templates to send. And also, SMS gateway as Guni SMS offers you free SMS with signup so you can try how SMS can work for you. Even considering the high conversion rate and open rates, this kind of marketing is the least expensive tool to have in your marketing kit.

5. SMS are just for teens

Right from the start, we thought SMS was just for youth culture because of the fancy words and abbreviations, buzzwords. However, with time, even the older generation started to understand the benefits of texting. Few things about the SMS functionality are simplicity and instant delivery that made millennials and generation X, baby boomers, get on board with SMS. As per the statistics, baby boomers are the huge demographic for mobile users.

6. SMS is only for big companies

Both medium-sized and small tire businesses likely believe that upgraded technology tools are better for just large-scale businesses. In terms of SMS, it’s not true. SMS is very well suited for every tire of businesses that help them win against companies with the best economies and budgets.

The main reason that made SMS work so well for every business is that it empowers relations and one-to-one conversations in which small firms are best at nature. These made every scale business deploy personalized messaging that only multi-million companies dreamt of. There are multiple kinds of campaigns that you can deploy, such as exclusive coupons, updates, reminders, and more that let your team know more about your people on the list.

7. SMS Marketing is Spamming

Most businesses never considered SMS marketing, thinking that it might seem like a spam one. These must be conceptions from the unethical advertisers who tried to send SMS to anyone about anything. But these days, text marketing is followed by rules. Even

SMS marketing asks permission from the customers to send them messages about any reminders or updates. More than 60% of customers opt to get SMS notifications from the brand. So, the branded tests that people receive genuinely want to know updates about the brand.

Much more businesses understand the benefits of SMS. If you are still wasting your time by thinking about these myths, your competitors can easily grab the eyeballs of your potential consumers. If you have any more misconceptions about SMS marketing, you can contact the friendly SMS experts at Guni SMS.