Thousands of sites are present on the web that serve users with great torrent content. These torrent files could also be downloaded, containing different contents such as games, songs, and movies. Although these applications are reliable, you will not find a platform that is more reliable than extratorrent.  The platform is considered to be most reliable from the variety available because of the top-class services offered. From all those platforms present, the extratorrentz2 is proving to be easily usable.

People across the globe are using the site to use the torrent content from the site in their routine. For those customers who love getting the content from the platform that is not making any disturbance while using the content, extratorrent is the best choice. But there is bad news for customers as they will not be able to use the platform because of the blocking. The extratorrent is a torrent website, and the ISP of several countries blocks the functioning of such sites, and customers will not be able to use the content.

If you wish to use the content, you would have to go for the extratorrent mirror and proxy sites. Those who are not aware of them are described as the alternate pathways to connect to the main device.

Extratorrent Proxy Sites

The proxy sites are providing a good alternative to use the content present on the main website. These are supposed to be the most reliable methods for accessing the main content without facing many difficulties. When you are using mirror sites, then these are supposed to be identical websites as they are the mirror images of the main website. On the other hand, these proxy sites provide a pathway that directly links you to the main website.

Methods To Adopt For Unblocking Extratorrent

Some people do not admire using the proxy or any alternative for getting the content in the universe. In this case, they are looking for methods that would help in unblock extratorrents. These are some of the methods that could be adopted, and those are listed below.

Use Of Tor Browser

  1. Start the process by browsing through a regular browser on your device.
  2. Download Tor browser from there and then go to the tor browser downloading link.
  3. Click on the download link and then access the tor browser on the device.
  4. Once the Tor browser is installed, you have to use it for accessing the extratorrent website as it would not be interrupted now.

These things are accessible because the Tor browser hides the IP address while browsing, and you can get the content. It is considered the most reliable method that could be used because you will not have to worry about getting into a problem.

Use Vpn To Unblock Extratorrent

VPN is supposed to be the best method that could be used to provide a reliable method to use the blocked website. It is seen that people who want to make use of the blocked website the VPN server will change the network from another country. By this, you would be able to browse the content without facing any problems. Here are steps to be used while accessing VPN.

  1. Download VPN software from the web.
  2. Install the VPN in the device and start the network connection to another country.
  3. Start browsing on the browser, and you can use the extra torrent website without any issue.

The Ending Words

These are the methods that could be used when you think of using the extra torrent website. If you want to have a brief description regarding the concept, then thinkmage will help you in the process.